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Making Birds Sing... The McMash Clan & Late Day Breakers

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The McMash Clan have just released a diverse four-track collection on Circus Records, 'Birds Sing'. Genre-encompassing, the EP explores musical territories such as Glitch Hop, Drum & Bass and Trap in entirely unique style. The production & DJ trio also gathered several contributors, including non-EDM musicians for 'Birds Sing' - including Kate Mullins who orchestrated the spine-chilling 'Requiem' and remixers Dodge & Fuski on 'Jericho.' The title track is made with indie band Late Day Breakers, who add depth of melody and a sense of swing to the track. We caught up with both The McMash Clan and the Late Day Breakers to get to know them a little better. Thanks for joining us! Been up to anything interesting recently? McMash Clan: Working hard in the studio on some very interesting new music. Lots of new material on the way including some exciting collabs. Can’t divulge more at the moment but watch this space… Late Day Breakers: Just the usual -  practicing/writing/recording/gigging. Actually, a couple of us just got back from an Indian wedding in France, that was pretty interesting! the-mcmash-clan You both come from different music background - one being Dubstep, the other Rock. How did you guys come to collaborate on the track 'Birds Sing'? Both: We’ve been friends for a long time and big fans of each others music. Whilst we come from very different musical worlds, our musical styles really compliment each other so it just made sense to collaborate on something. We’d been talking about working together for a while but never got round to it. On a particularly sunny day last summer, we got inspired and had a jam. The initial sketch for the main melody/hook was born and the rest just followed! There must of been a lot of ideas for the track, did the writing process differ to how you both usually work? McMash: The writing process is different from track to track for us. With 'Birds Sing' the LDBs laid down a basic vibe with guitar and vocals over a rough beat we’d prepared beforehand. We then took that initial sketch and worked it into a rough version of the track. Next, we passed it back and forth for a while, working with the band to tighten up the musical elements and structure until we were happy with it as a song. Finally, we really went in on the final mixdown and tested it out at a couple of shows. The reaction was amazing so that’s when we decided the track was ready. LDB: For sure. We had a few ideas/chord progressions for Late Day Breakers tracks which weren't really manifesting into anything but we knew had potential. We knew we wanted to make a summery feel good anthem, so decided on a set of chords that fitted the bill. So the first things we recorded were acoustic guitar and the vocals/harmonies. We then let The McMash Clan work their magic, and then there was a lot of back and forth/talk about structure and arrangement, a bit more recording and hey presto, Birds Sing was born. Is there anymore plans for future collabs and any chance of live shows together? Both: We'll see, but the idea definitely excites us. What else have you both got planned for the remainder of the year? McMash: Lots of studio time, plus more collaborations, original releases and remixes. We’ve just finished a remix for Astronaut which is coming out on Monstercat soon. And of course gigging - we’re playing in Paris in a few weeks which we’re really looking forward to. LDB: We are in the studio at the moment recording our next EP, we're really excited about it, and it should be available July/August. And we're always gigging, check our Facebook for details. the-mcmash-clan If you could pick a dream collaboration besides this one, which artist/producer would it have to be? McMash: There’s a fair few people we’d aspire to collab with, but if we really had to pick one it would be Liam Howlett. He’s been by far the biggest influence on us and was our introduction to rave music. Coming a very close second would be Hans Zimmer. He’s created some of the most epic film music ever. And his studio looks insane. LDB: Culprate without a shadow of a doubt. He's a friends of ours and a musical genius!

Birds Sing EP