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Get to know: Diamond Pistols

Diamond Pistols is at an exciting stage in his fledgling career. Since releasing his debut EP on Datsik's Firepower Records last year, he is now about to release a single for No Tomorrow Recordings, 'Wrecker.' Out Monday 2nd June, it is a driving Electro sound, with striking drops and distinctive riff patterns, displaying the US artist's ease at juggling sounds and styles. To get an idea about how the track came about, we spoke to Diamond Pistols.

OTB: Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how you began your artist career?

DP: I’ve been playing classical piano since I was about four years old. Even though I quit taking lessons 5 or 6 years ago, there’s no question that I would not be near as good of a producer as I am today without any knowledge of music theory. I’ve also been playing guitar and drums for most of my life. I started getting into music production when I had to move into an apartment a few years ago, where I no longer could play loud instruments and was forced to find a new method of creative outlet.

OTB: No Tomorrow have given us a sneak peek of your forthcoming track 'Wrecker' that is more on the electro vibe the label is getting it's name for. Was this always intended for SKisM's label?

DP: It wasn’t actually! It started as something that I wrote for fun as a live tool, but one day my manager Joey and SkisM were discussing music, and Joey happened to show him Wrecker. Long story short, he ended up signing it!

OTB: How did you come to write this banger?  Is there any story behind it?

DP: Not really to be honest… I wrote the idea for the drop like 6 or 7 months ago and kind of forgot about it, and then a few months later I revisited the project file and wrote the melody and finished the track, and bam, Wrecker was born!

 OTB: Do you have any hobbies outside your musical career or are you always trying to perfect the crisp of a snare in the studio? 

DP: Oh man, I’m a full time student right now so I feel like music is really the only hobby that I have time for right now! My time is pretty evenly divided between music and school…and Netflix.

OTB: What else is planned for rest of 2014, any releases you can talk about?

DP: Nothing that has a set release date as of now, I’m working on a few collaborations with some big names that I’m pretty excited about that are pretty close to finished!

OTB: Biggest tune of 2014 so far?

DP: That's a hard one, my favourite tune to play out live right now is probably 'On Your Mark' by Gregor Salto and Wiwek, such an amazing song!

Be sure to download Diamond Pistols' Volume Mix for No Tomorrow while you wait for Monday.