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Kid Massive Let's Go interview

Danish producer and DJ Kid Massive, aka Benjamin Pedersen is a busy man. Whilst honing his unique twist on the big room house style, he plays in some of the biggest clubs on the planet and is an in-demand collaborator. His most recent work was the latest single on John Dahlback's Mutants Records, 'Let's Go.' For this energising homage to The Prodigy's 'Everybody in the Place', he teamed up with friend and fellow producer Incognet, hailing from Ukraine. We had a chat with Kid Massive to understand more about his musical background and future plans. OTB: Could you describe 'Let's Go' in three words?  Emotive, Energetic, Banger OTB: You’ve worked with a variety of dance music labels, how do you feel your sound is progressing over time?  My sound has always had a house feel to it. I am fan of melodies and vocals and that is something I have carried through all my releases throughout my career and will continue to do so as I move forward. I love the direction that dance music is taking right now, with EDM becoming more groove based and deep house becoming punchier. I think we are heading into a really exciting time for music, a time to see the return of house music. Kid Massive Bootleg Pack 4 [FREE DOWNLOAD] OTB: What were the first styles of music that caught your attention when you started out?  What sparked my interest in dance music was the seminal album by Inner City – 'Paradise'. This album ignited my passion for house music and as I became more involved with music and I started to learn the production, I was drawn towards the classic house sounds of Blaze, Todd Terry, MAW and the likes and as time went by I discovered more and more music which ultimately lead me to where I am now. OTB: What is next on the horizon in terms of new music? As well as 'Let’s Go', I've also got a remix for Nervo and Marco Lys, which I'm really proud of out now. After that my cover version of the C&C Music factory classic Pride, 'A Deeper Love' will be released on Caballero Records.Finally, I have a couple more remixes for Disfunktion and Justin Luke that will be released over the next few months. OTB: What was your favourite festival to play last year and what are you looking forward to this time around?  I recently played the Electric Storm festival in Darwin – Australia. What made this event so special was the fact that a cyclone warning had been issued on the day of the event and despite gale force winds and heavy rain, the festival packed out and everyone partied hard. They sure do breed them tough up there! I will be starting my Kid Massive – Horizon tour this month as part of the promotion for my latest mixed compilation, which is out now on Onelove Recordings. I will be doing 8 shows in Australia followed by a 3-date tour of India! Grab a copy of 'Let's Go' here.

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