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LAXX: The Self-proclaimed pioneer of "Twitch" music

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Recent Never Say Die signee LAXX is in the midst of a fascinating journey at the moment. Self-proclaimed pioneer of "Twitch" music (a frenzied fusion of bass heavy sounds), he has been taken under the wing of label head SKisM, and the pair are about to release a joint remix of Zomboy's 'Raptor.' Set on delivering his unique brand of music across the scene, we spoke to LAXX about his current top five tracks, releasing on NSD and future plans. OTB: First things first,  top 5 Tracks at the moment? Eptic - Like A Boss (Barely Alive Remix) Snails & Antiserum - Wild  Skrillex - Stranger Bro Safari - The Dealer (Milo & Otis Remix) Zomboy - Raptor (SKisM & LAXX Remix)  OTB: You just played the Never Say Die Vol.3 album launch party over in UK. How was it having the NSD crew together, did you have an favourite sets from the night? It was a wicked night, so many artists came down to see the carnage, and we definitely brought that. It was jokes seeing everyone on the label too, its like a mini family, who all make their own brand of filth. The guys all smashed it separately, but the bossman Skism was my favourite set of the night, has to be because he played a lot of my new stuff, and it always makes me lose my shit hearing Step Two being double dropped on both builds.  OTB: We heard a preview of yours and SKisM's 'Raptor' Remix that is sounding large. How long had you been working on this beast? I love that remix, there was a lot of blood sweat and tears injected into it though! We spent a full day and night in the studio at first. It was one of those tracks where we had several different ideas for where it was going and then managed to pull it out of the bag. When we got things together we both looked at each other and the trap elbows came out big time. We both spent about a month after the initial session to get the mix and the detail done, and I said at points "finishing this tune almost killed me". I love the outcome though, its a perfect mix of both our styles and we both said how its been the most 50 - 50 colab either of us had done before.  OTB: What was it like to work in the studio with a legend in the game?  Did you learn much from him? It was great. I'd been speaking to him most days and going over ideas for my tunes so we both were on the same page in terms of how we could approach the remix. He's a very technical guy, so I learned a few crazy techniques I'd never thought of, but the way I write tracks is different to his, so it was a combination of styles that worked really well.  OTB: You have had a massive start to 2014 with Never Say Die, how have they helped build your career and do you get a lot of guidance from them musically? Thank you. I'm so at home with NSD, so putting out my music with them is a pleasure. They work so hard on everything they put out and everyone on the team is passionate about what they do. Everything they do in terms of releases is ideal, its also one of those where the music is there for people to hear, not being rammed down throats, which is exactly how it should be, and Step One and Step Two have had an amazing reception so people are pumped to hear the next chapter! Things have accelerated big time in the last few months, they're an absolute powerhouse!  OTB: What do you have coming up for the remainder of this year? Can we expect more releases? I've been working non stop. Most weeks like 12 hour days every day, and no time off. Its pretty full on, but I'm so motivated that its what I want to do. I'll only release my best material and things I am fully proud of, so its a lot to take on but it's the only way I'll ever release music. So.. theres a lot of new material coming from me, a few remixes, and maybe a colab or two, but the next chapter is almost apon us... and its a MONSTER. Its definitely my best work yet, and I'm really excited for the world to finally hear it. Thanks for the interview. You can expect a lot from me this year, and I'm going to be delivering.  Pre order a copy of Never Say Die UKF Vol.3 here.