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Jason Ross on Persistence & New Projects

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Getting recognition as a young producer is a difficult task these days; only the best surface due to their originality and dedication. At the ripe age of just 25, San Diego-based DJ Jason Ross is one of those young talent producers who's on his way to stardom as  he's accomplished what any young producer dreams of. Ross has opened for legends like Tiesto and Markus Schultz, had his tracks supported by Above and Beyond on Group Therapy numerous times and runs his own podcast, iCLUB RADIO which is currently ranked one of the Top 50 most popular podcasts on iTunes today. JasonRoss His talents were first discovered by popular Dutch DJ, JoeySuki, where Ross' first track "Angur" was released by Suki's own label, Dubbed Records which is "an independent record label devoted to new music and presented with the highest standards." From there, Jason was immediately noticed by the likes of powerhouse labels such as Armada and Enhanced , and his unique uplifting melodies have caught the eyes of notable producers such as Mat Zo and Ferry Corsten.  Calling Southern California home, the area has been where Jason's live performance roots have lifted him into the spotlight, playing at every major club in the San Diego area including Bassmnt and FluxxHis successes continues strong, as more big releases this year have landed him the top charts of Beatport with "Burma", (supported by Above and Beyond) and most recently, "Good Love" with Steve Brian on Enhanced Recordings. With a bright future ahead of him, Jason Ross continues to excel in his production skills and by gaining further notoriety and support from some of the biggest names in the business. His journey has just begun, and it's only going to get better. jason ross   OTB:  So, how are you? Give us a little bit of background of what sparked your interest in DJing - where did this all start from? Jason Ross: I think it all started when I was like 12 years old. I heard Darude's"Sandstorm" and ATB's, "Till I Come" and from then I was hooked. I started DJing in college and was hooked up with [San Diego's] Eventvibe, and then from there I kind of worked my way up from like the first guy opening to direct support. And now here I am! OTB: And now, you're still college? Graduated? Are you going to continue producing? Jason Ross: For sure producing! That's all I'm doing right now. I'm going to Icon Production school in July, so I'm moving to Burbank and doing that thing. I'm very laser focused with the whole music thing. OTB: What's it like having your music being played on Ferry Corsten's Countdown and Group TherapyWhat's your initial reaction? Jason Ross: When I first heard my track on Group Therapy, my heart skipped a beat for sure! I couldn't believe I had all these tweets coming in and I was like what! But now it's very rewarding to see all this hard work and reaping its benefits. OTB: Tell us something your fans maybe don't know about you! Jason Ross: Oh man, this is going to seem kind of funny but I love Ultimate Frisbee. I love running, I used to run 5Ks in high school and junior high. I think it kind of taught me a lot about accomplishing these great things. Running means long distance and halfway through you're like how am I going to do this and you kind of just push yourself, and get to that finish line. I learned a lot from that because doing what I'm doing, there are times where I want to give up and you kind of naturally push where you want to be. 10167938_743598362331605_481405106_n OTB: So where would be your dream residency at this point? What kind of setting do you prefer DJing in? Festivals? Clubs? Jason Ross: Festivals - Tomorrowland in Belgium. Clubs, oh man probably Ushuaïa in Ibiza. And Ministry of Sound in London for sure! OTB: So what's next on the agenda for you? Got any EP's coming out? Any shows? Jason Ross: A couple of tracks on a label I can't mention...but I'm really excited about that. Any of course my new track on Enhanced with Steve Brian. OTB: How was working with him? Jason Ross: It was great, because he could guide me in a way with my sound. And it's so cool and I love tracks from way back when and he's got such a great knowledge on good melodies and progressive, uplifting kind of music and I think we work really well together and it's really cool. I've admired him for awhile. OTB: So kind of going off of that, who would you say is your number one inspiration? Jason Ross: I like Axwell a lot. I think he has really great charisma and he's very level-headed. I like guys like that...who present themselves in a sort of, "cool tone" and not very much about the partying. Also, Fedde le Grande, Above and Beyond and Norin and Rad; I love them.