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Get to Know Henry Fong

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

Rising DJ and producer Henry Fong is well known for his killer electro beats, energetic sets and crazy hair. His rise to stardom was surely seen this year as this breakout artist graduated from college and was determined to put his music on the map, which he successfully did by releasing hit tracks, such as "Stand Up" on none other than OWSLA Records. His production has been supported by superstar DJs such as Hardwell and Avicii, and this summer he's embarking on a world tour stopping in every city and country imaginable. He has released tracks with head honcho labels like Spinnin' and Dim Mak  as his ability to produce diverse genres such as progressive and big-room have landed him spots in some of the biggest shows of the summer from Vegas to New York. 10013862_695490557184928_3732188452413991078_n Aside from being noted as one of the top young recruits in the dance music scene today, this Florida native is a really chill guy who enjoys surfing, making sushi and napping when he isn't killing it at festivals such as Electric Zoo Mexico and EDC (check out his set, it's massive). He's just a regular twenty-something who's happily residing in L.A. and living the dream, doing what he loves most - making music. OTB:  Tell us about your intro to music and production - when did your passion for electronic music start? And how? Henry Fong: I was a club DJ at first and started to make my own music after I realized I wanted to play strictly dance music. I got really tired of playing open format/Top 40, so I knew production was the only way to make a name for myself and become an artist. OTB: You've been playing at a ton of festivals this year, including a recent appearance at EDC. Talk about one festival experience that stands out in your mind and why? Henry Fong :I really enjoyed playing the LED Anniversary a few months ago in San Diego. It was one of the best crowds I've ever played for! 10370810_877612608921396_8249654802562689436_n OTB: Talk about some advice you've received from a particular producer/DJ that has really been valuable to you Henry Fong: I've spoken to Jake (Kill The Noise) quite a bit and he is always great to chat with. He always makes me want to push my production further after having a conversation with him! It's not any specific advice that's been valuable for me. Instead, it's surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people! OTB: Your travel plans for this summer are intense! From Australia to Mexico, is there a particular place or venue you are most excited about visiting? Henry Fong: Australia! I'm a surfer, so I'm excited to get in the water in some of the world's best waves in my down time there! OTB:  What's your secret for having energy on tour? Henry Fong: Nap wherever you can and drink coffee, haha. That combo always gets the job done. Also having a routine is important. It's pretty much the same no matter where I am. 64019_400778676669096_1800748801_n OTB: Who are you listening to now? What producers are inspiring you these days? Henry Fong: I've been listening to literally all genres of dance music! Aside from the genre of stuff I produce, a lot of bass music and some deep house. I've been inspired lately from a lot of the sound design from bass music guys, particularly dubstep. A lot of those producers are insanely good engineers. OTB: What's your pre-gig routine like? Henry Fong: I like to go to venue an hour early to get the vibes going and see how the crowd is. Then I'll have a few drinks and get in the zone! OTB: Your sound is best defined as "electro/progressive house", but if you could dabble in another genre, what would that be and why? Henry Fong: I'd probably dabble in the 100 BPM area of trap! That's a really fun tempo for clubs. OTB: What are your big future plans? EPs? An album? More tours? Henry Fong: Some big collabs in the works! And yes more tours! Nothing I can really talk about, so you'll just have to wait and see!