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Behind The Beat | AJNK Proves India is One of the Hottest EDM Markets

Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Casie Millhouse

AJNK from Pune, India releases his first EP 'LEOTARD' - and what a debut it is! The EP features a stunning remix by BASSROCK who is in-demand after his successes with 'PHALANX' and 'HERE COMES THE BOOM'. AJNK loves going outdoors to work on music. As his imagination grows when he is outside. His main influences include artists such as Tiesto, Showtek, Deadmau5, Avicii and more. Only The Beat takes time to speak to the up and coming talent out of this amazing country. OTB:  Hi ANJK, thanks so much for joining us here. Let’s give the people some sort of background info on you so we’ll start with some basic stuff. Where are you based and how long have you been DJing and producing? ANJK:  I am from Pune, INDIA. I have been into DJing since I was sixteen. Before I was Djing in my bedroom, but the man behind widening my scope was Mr. Abhishek Mantri. He himself is the #1 Rock n' retro DJ in India Awarded by MTV. He gave me Basic of Art of playing a set at its best. Also, how to take total control of crowd.As my thinking process went deep I thought it was time to get into production. OTB:  How did you first discover electronic music? Where do your musical roots lie and when did you know you wanted to pursue electronic music seriously? ANJK:  From my childhood i was listening to electronic music. People misinterpret that INDIA is only Bollywood oriented country. But we listens to both hollywood and Hollywood music equally. Vengaboys, Tiesto ,DJ Quicksilver to be named as few whose electronic music has been loved immensely by Indians, back in old days. I got into music production very late, just 3 to 4 years back, I started it. Till then i kept wondering How do these guys make this kind of music. Till i got into technicalities of Electronic music, i didn't knew what is break what verse etc. When i heard Deadmau5 music, I fell in so much love with it and i started reading following him on Youtube, U-stream everywhere, and this is when slowly I got into music production. OTB:  You don’t hear India mentioned much when it comes to electronic music. How is the scene there? And do you get a chance to DJ much in your home country? ANJK: The reason is India has lot of flavors to listen to when it comes to music. There is electronic and sub-genres, classical, folk, Bollywood, hollywood commercial music, rock and sub-genres . So it's not just about genre oriented music here. Like we listen to electronic music is much more evolved in other countries. Here all genres live together, So the guy who follows EDM may go to some rock concert too and always listens to bollywood music. People here have developed diversified taste. Scene is not big as of Tomorrowland, Ultra but DJs are coming here and are really amazed by love shown by crowd. David Guetta, Rehab, Deadmau5, Avicii, Armin Van Burren and Tiesto are some big names who loves perform every time in INDIA. Earlier GOA was only place to discover Electronic music in INDIA but now all metro cities are EDM infected. Due to still evolution in EDM is evolving in INDIA, I see there is huge chance for INDIAN DJs to Evolve their music and i have good feeling due to lots of musical background EDM will be evolved in much amazing way here. OTB: Do you get out to events much and if so who if anyone has blown you away recently? AJNK:  Yes, I go to lots of events but the big event recently I attended when Deadmau5 Played in Mumbai. He is so amazing, I mean, I'll worship that guy. He takes the whole control of everything and takes audience to not just a joyride but also to a total theme park. OTB:  What do you do outside of electronic music? What is a regular day like for Ajnk? What do you enjoy doing besides producing and DJing? AJNK: AJNK's regular day is not like larger than life thing like superstars do. It usually starts with listening to music and starts early as 5 in the morning. I listen to different types of music from 'Karunesh to Skrillex' really. Some exercise and lil yoga. Then i makes calls. I reads and cooks, and make music. I actually work for software corporation, so I also have office working day. Which is amazing. For 5 Hours of Day I am totally into different world. I go on cruising on weekends. OTB:  You have a new EP release out LEOTARD on Hammarica. How did come to work with Hammarica and how would you describe the tracks? Did they turn out to be really different from your own solo productions? AJNK:  I am very very thankful to Hammarica for working with me. They are doing amazing work to promote the music really hats off to Wilf Libgot. He is so friendly and an amazing person. I came to know about Hammarica through random web search and I immediately contacted Wilf Libgott. Well, about the tracks....they are nothing but jumping machine. Though I released these tracks initially I try to keep each production different, so there is no definite style of production for me. In my next release I'll be releasing a song which is electronic music but not the dance music. I am craving to try new styles and when you discover something new it's amazing, you get goosebumps. OTB:  Whats parts of the production process do you find the toughest? And what does come the easiest to you? When the writing or production process gets tough, what gets you through it? AJNK:  Constructing intros and rises are difficult for me because every time it happens that I make main lead and cords early. (In super early days, lead and cords were super difficult.) But now I find them fun while constructing. When I make something like this I get stuck as how to maintain the texture of the song as desired.  I have to invest a lot of time to find proper sound.  Also if the sound is little close to what I want, effects sometimes doesn't give me the exact sound I wanted.  Then again the process of finding more closer sounds continues. This process is quite hard for me. But getting a break for a while. Taking the time again, re-thinking about song as what should be done, that will blow my mind. Sometimes I'll have to work from scratch again. Which is really hard but if track really blows up, it's all worth it.