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Behind the Beat: Tyler Sherritt

Friday, July 18, 2014
Shendy Hershfield

Fresh-off his TomorrowWorld announcement, NYC-based DJ, producer, singer and songwriter Tyler Sherritt. NYC-based Sherritt is being called, by many, one of today's hottest up and coming rising stars in the EDM industry. He has headlined at the hottest clubs in Atlantic City, as well as New York City's Pacha, Santos Party House, Cielo, and Webster Hall. In May, Tyler joined the Insomniac Events mega NYC festival Electric Daisy NY where he made his debut on the Kinetic Field main stage for thousands of festival attendees. Sherritt's energetic shows constantly demonstrate his diversity as an artist; and when he sings his original tracks, live, his show turns into a next-level performance.

We sat down with Tyler to talk music, what's next and even a little bit of culinary conversation!

OTB: Who was your biggest music influence growing up? What was your first concert?

TS: Growing up I was really into acts like Dashboard Confessional, Shiny Toy Guns, Something Corporate, Muse, John Mayer etc. The first concert that I really remember was probably Shiny Toy Guns in Alaska when I was 14 or so.

OTB: Most of your fans know that you started your music career as a singer/songwriter. How old were you when you started that and how did you get into music to begin with?

TS: I've been singing since I was about 3 years old, it just came naturally to me as a kid. I really started to dive into it when I was about 12 years old or so, forming bands, recording and starting to write my own songs.

tyler sherritt

OTB: You made the transition to electronic music a few years ago. What was the driving force behind making the switch to producing the progressive house and trance sounds we now hear from you?

TS: I accidentally saw Tiesto at Coachella one year and couldn't believe how a DJ could move such a massive crowd. Before that, I thought it was all drugs and party music with no real musicians. After seeing that I knew I had to learn more and be involved... and I haven't looked back.

OTB: What is your favorite venue that you have played so far, and a venue that you would love to play that you haven’t yet?

TS: As of now, I'm a big fan of Soundgarden Hall in Philly or Governor's Island here in New York! Would love to one day play at Red Rocks and can't wait to experience some other of the world's greatest clubs.

OTB: Congrats on TomorrowWorld! It’s an amazing festival. How long was getting on the lineup there in the works? What does it mean to you to be playing there?

TS: Thanks! Yeah, I really can't wait, it wasn't in the works for that long really, they asked for me to join and I of course said yes! This really means a lot to me, festivals (especially this one) give you a chance to really be yourself as an artist. I am looking forward to doing something special there.

OTB: Any other big events coming up for you?

TS: Next week I am at Wall in Miami on 7/26 and the week after I have a major announcement for New York City on 8/2!

OTB: What can we expect to hear from you over the next year?

TS: The next year I will be releasing my new sound, some of it isn't even necessarily dance music, some of it is. I can't speak too much on it but I have been working on this project for about a year now and can't wait to share it with anyone who wants to listen!

OTB: If there is one collaboration you could do, who would it be with and why?

TS: I don't know really tough question, but I would love to sit in the studio with someone like STS9 or Big G.

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OTB: Are there any artists coming up in EDM that we should be watching out for in your opinion?

TS: There are so many talented kids out there these days. I think two of the best would be Matt Fax from France and Andre Sobota from Brazil. Both are super young guys making incredible progressive house as if they've been doing it for decades.

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OTB: You are really great about using social media as means to interact with your fans. Have you found that utilizing this has helped you build your brand?

TS: Definitely, in this day and age social media is crucial. Fans want to see things instantly, they want to really feel like they can engage with their favorite artists. I feel like it allows people to know there is a real person behind the artist!

OTB: Speaking of Twitter, anyone who follows you knows your love of food! How did #DiningWithTylerSherritt come to be? And I have ask since you live in NYC, what your favorite restaurant is here in the city?

TS: The hashtag was just a joke and it still is. I only do it to further annoy those who don't care to see what I am eating and love to do it for those who are interested and curious, haha. But, really I do love food and some of my favorite memories in life have been a good meal with good friends or family, and I like to document it so I can remember it later on. My favorite restaurant in the city right now has to be Carbone, it's really just too good to be true.

Get ready New York City, Tyler is taking over Marquee Nightclub on August 2ndGet your tickets now.

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