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PRiZM, the EDM Peak Time Party Rocker

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Casie Millhouse

PRiZM, the 'EDM Peak Time Party Rocker' recently dropped his latest massive Electro House production "TiME LiKE THiS" on his MILLENNIUM RECORDINGS label and it's BIG! PRiZM recently being seen headlining and rocking events around the globe has set him apart as one of the icons in EDM, and definitely one to see.

OTB: How long have you been getting paid as a DJ?

I started very young as a DJ. I got my first paid gig at the age of 14. It was rather funny being in a nightclub where everybody had to be 21 because they serve alcohol. So I guess I got to be the cool kid at the time. I was the only person in the building under age but loved making and playing music. That's when I started getting paid is a DJ and its been roughly about 25 years now. I have to say it's been a great career so far and it's only getting better everyday.

OTB: Prior to DJing and producing, what kind of experiences do you think reflect in your music?

Being so young starting as a DJ and moving to producing there were so many experiences that reflect in my music production. Even to this day I have always strived to take in everything that's around me and put it into my productions or sets. I never know what's going to spark that one great melody or progression. I have always tried to be very in tune to the trends of the music industry to keep things relevant in my productions.

OTB: What do you feel has been a shift of gears in your career?

I think that the main shift in my career would probably be the passing of my late partner DJ Eclipse. His passing really pushed me towards what I really desired in my own music production as a solo artist. It taught me that life is very precious and we only have a very short time to leave something behind that can be remembered. I feel like the time of him passing really got me into my music more than ever to do what I love to do and make music to share with the world.

OTB: Let's talk about TiME LiKE THiS. Can you tell us some of the origins, how did it come about?

This production was inspired by some of my crazy life experiences over the past few months. Too say the least it has had serious ups and downs that life can bring in waves. I think that this release "TiME LiKE THiS" has portrayed this greatly in its production. This track combining all the melodic melodies like a smooth and content time during your life then building into massive explosions like the unexpected times in life of pure chaos combined with that massive drop that just brings back the pure fist pumping party that you want to remember forever. So the name just fit, and it was a "TiME LiKE THiS". The track was an easy production from the start to create. It just had that vibe to it from the start. The vibe in the track that just has that pumping energy to it that makes you want to move. It was in the initial cord progressions that I knew this one was the banger that was going to shake some Asses.

OTB: I love that you are working with LoveHopeStrength. Can you share with me what sparked this idea?

I love being involved with organizations and various non-profits and being involved with certain benefits to help give back a little to the communities and people around us. I know that one person can't change the world but I do believe that if one person takes the time to help another in need the world can start to be a better place. I feel like a lot of this can be done through the power of music.

OTB: During a live DJ set, what atmosphere do you seek out to give your crowd?

During a live performance or DJ Set I tend to set a mood based on where the event is. Most club type events I tend to go a little bit darker and hard. You know the pure energy to dance to vibe. While most outdoor festival events I seem to be more uplifting light and energetic. It's the larger than life inspiring type vibe. But one main element I keep consistent is the overall energy level. The fans are there to see a good show and be inspired. I think by giving the fans a consistent roller coaster ride. Breaking into very melodic mellow moments and building the crowd into epic explosions of chaos together just creates unity between the fans and the music.

OTB: Looking ahead, what are you most curious about in the music industry?

I've seen a lot of the industry turn from analog vinyl recordings to your digital over the Internet downloads. I'm very interested in the ways that new artists music is going to be heard, delivered and also tracked through all the different digital download sites or sharing sites. There's so many great artist and most will never get any royalties or recognition whatsoever from being on these different types of digital download sites. It seems mostly in the electronic music industry that a lot of the music that is being made is considered flooded and disposable while the artist placing this music with these types of distribution have very little rights to their own works once it hits the Internet. I'm very interested in the future of electronic music and how a lot of these digital download or sharing sites maybe regulated. One thing can be certain. Seeing an artist play live maybe the only revenue that artist sees in the future. So support your concerts and events.

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