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Prolific Gets off the Ones & Twos for an Interview with Only The Beat

Sunday, July 27, 2014
Casie Millhouse

Hot after dropping his new album ANTHEMS OF A DESOLATE WASTELAND turntablist/emcee/self-made businessman and producer PROLIFIC comes had the honour of hosting an exclusive mix on Russia's famous show DANCEKRAFT RADIO.The show aired across various stations in 450 cities of Russia, Latvia, Armenia, and Ukraine. Response was amazing and he's got a thing or two going on with the Russians.

Only The Beat gets the inside story below.

OTB: Screw this whole, "how long have you been a DJ" question. Let's get down to the real talk, how long have you been getting paid from your DJing/Producing?

Prolific: Since I was a child I've been a shredder on guitar and have gigged many places. I started DJing at 18. I mean I've played free shows and I've been paid for shows - it always depends on the circumstance. For example, Minsk, Belarus one of the best cities to ever play in the world IMO doesn't have the ability to pay my standard fee so I play for my visa and travel and make the promoter makes entry mega cheap so the people can enjoy  quality artists. Music is about love, not money and I only want more money when it's coming with the event but if I'm in a poor part of the world I'll donate my time and talent for the love of music and the love of the people. One reason I despise the corporate money mongering people coming into EDM is because they are creating this stigma of artists who, in my opinion, aren't as talented as they appear and are being sold by said entities. That's capitalism though. May the least talented guy with the most PR win!

OTB: What was that crap job you had when you decided to take on this musical direction?

Prolific: I never had a crap job. I was a business owner by time I was 18. I built an empire and music is what I get to do for my non-business passion.

OTB: Prior to DJing, what kind of stuff were you into? Does it reflect in your music?

Prolific: Everything - rock, metal, punk, funk, soul, country - and I mean like Johnny Cash type shit. I would learn to play all kinds of music on guitar. Once I blossomed to the point of being able to produce, DJ and engineer it turned into hip-hop, DnB, then dubstep, trap, big room house, etc.

OTB: What do you feel has been a major passage from one stage to another in your career?

Prolific: I only get better, and my live show kills. Sad thing is that most promoters would rather put on some guy who's got a bigger buzz and less talent than someone who really knows how to rock the crowd. I've crafted a style of turntablism, live raps, sampler routines and original music that goes hard in any demographic. Promoters, quit sleeping on Prolific! Book me and watch me kill your crowd!

OTB: Let's talk about your work with 12th Planet. Can you tell us how this came about?

Prolific: Way back when 12th Planet was Infiltrata, we had done some shows together and he did a remix for my Drum and Bass album Loyalty Amongst Thieves. Since those days, we've been family. I've never met a nice and more cool dude then 12th. I am blessed to be able to collab and work with dudes like him. If you know him, you know he is one of the most nice, down to earth, cool guys you'll ever meet - much love, homie!

OTB: During a live DJ set, what atmosphere do you want to give your crowd?

Prolific: Atmosphere? I bring nuclear fucking war to the stage!! Shit is burning, collapsing, and exploding and the crowd is going ape shit while it all crumbles to the ground!

OTB: What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Prolific: As much as I'd like to answer this I can't, for more than a few reasons! We will just say I love my fans and they love me!

OTB: What is the craziest thing you've ever done for a fan?

Prolific: I took a line of 10 vodka shots in EKB Russia. The entire club was chanting my name. I don't even drink and it was a crazy night. The next day I was reminded of why I don't drink. Hard to say no when so many people are screaming your name.