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Super8 & Tab Prep For New Album

Wednesday, August 06, 2014
Chelsey Mora

Super8 & Tab turned Avalon Hollywood into an enormous party last month as they performed with BT and Tristan D on June 21. Being as that I already work at Avalon Hollywood on the weekends, I've been blessed to be able to see many of the talented artists that have taken the stage on Friday and Saturday nights. Super8 & Tab's vibes could be felt across the entire room; as I watched from above in the lighting booth, I saw the crowd dancing as if they didn't have a care in the world. A vibe that you don't usually experience in a club setting. After the performance, I was greeted by the duo Super8 (Miika Eloranta) & Tab (Janne Mansnerus) with the same friendliness that they had exuded on-stage. Their passion for music and fun personalities are evident in all aspects of their lives, and their down to earth attitudes make them a personal favorite of mine. 

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OTB: This was your guys' first time playing at Avalon Hollywood, how did you both like it? S8&T: "Absolutely fantastic! It was amazing! Production-wise it was really good, the visuals and everything were so clear. Of course the people were amazing too, that's what makes the party." OTB: How is the LA trance scene compared to other places you both have played? S8&T: "For us, LA has always been good. We've never played a bad party here; definitely one of our favorite places." Avalon Super 8 Tab OTB: Obviously trance is your biggest influence in music, but are there any other artists or genres that you guys find influence from when making music? S8&T: "There's a lot; sometimes we listen to classical music. I know for many EDM artists like us, Coldplay has been a big influence.  Even hip-hop has had an influence. When we go through all the promos, we take inspiration from every genre from chill-out to break-beat." OTB: How did you two first start working together? S8&T: "We knew each other from the club scene in Finland. We were both doing music on our own, and in 2001 we ended up in the same studio, and then in 2004/2005 we realized we were both releasing the same kind of music on Anjunabeats, why not make something together? We ended up just going to the studio together, and it was a lot of fun. We created First Aid together, and then Helsinki Scorchin', and after that we decided to drop the solo projects." OTB: You guys have worked with BT in the past, and tonight you played with him as well, what's it like working with him? S8&T: "It's amazing! One time after he was done touring in Europe, he came to Finland for one day, and we all worked on a track for 18 hours straight! It didn't feel like 18 hours though, the flow was really really really easy. He's really great!" BT AVALON OTB: What's on the Super8 & Tab rider for tonight? S8&T: "Finlandia Vodka, cause were from Finland. We're pretty boring, just mixers, water, beer. We should come up with something more interesting! Maybe a sand beach with Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff?!" OTB: What's a must-have track to include in all your sets? S8&T: "There's a few of our old tracks we always use like "Your Secret's Safe."  Lately, it's been Andrew Bayer's "Once Lydian", we always end up playing that. OTB: You both just finished your Code Red Tour with Jaytech, how'd that go? S8&T: "It was so much fun; it was our first tour where we traveled with Jaytech. The song we made together was such a good time. We even got to go to Hawaii for a few days all together, which was a lot of fun." OTB: Do you have any favorite DAW plug-ins? S8&T: "It's not a secret, same stuff as everyone else. We use Sylenth, Nexus, Massive. We have the same synths and side chain plug-ins like Xfert, LFOTool, Sausage Fattener." OTB: Why do you guys love trance? S8&T: "There's something with the chorus and melody that creates a certain type of euphoric feeling. There's a lot of minor chords that we enjoy, that are very easy to translate into trance." OTB: Is there anything in the future that you would like OTB to share with your fans? S8&T: "Yes! The album is ready! We've been talking about it for a long time now, and Anjunabeats is excited about it! It will be released around October, with two more singles being released beforehand; "Code Red" will be on the album as well. We will start an album tour around November, and we will also being doing festivals during the summer, especially in Europe. It's going to be a very busy summer!"

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