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5 Questions with John Dahlback

Sunday, August 10, 2014

This week saw producer, DJ and record label head honcho John Dahlback team up with rising electro stars Rebecca & Fiona to release their new single "Honors." Dropped via Ultra, the track is a stunning piece of progressive house, complete with surging, pop-style vocals and Dahlback's signature injections of bass and dominant rhythm. We got speaking to the master of electro about the collaboration and other projects in the pipeline.

OTB: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, "Honors" is sounding huge! What process did you go through when writing the tune with Rebecca & Fiona? Do you ever lend a hand in writing vocals when you have them on a track?

JD:  I've always wanted to work with the girls, so the track was a good start. I sent them a rough sketch of the track and they gave me an amazing vocal even from the start. We are all very happy with the result. 

OTB: We've heard some great singles from you this year; will there be any chance of an album?

JD: I doubt there will be an album, but a lot of great singles are on the way. I'm really happy with what I've done in the studio lately so I'm excited about the feedback!

OTB: There has been a flurry of progressive house artists from Sweden, such as Lunde Bros and David Vrong. What is the scene like in your native country and has there been much change from your perspective?

JD: Well the scene is better now, but it was awful for a long time! I used to hate playing in Sweden, but now it's better. There's still a huge gap between EDM/House and the underground, something I hope is gonna change! 

OTB: You have had a very successful artist career and your label is picking up great momentum now, is there anything you would still like to accomplish within music?

JD: Scoring for a movie is still on my list, it would be amazing to set the mood of a movie together with the actual footage. Still waiting for the call :) 

OTB: Finally, the festival season is in full swing. Do you have a festival ‘anthem’ for this year?

JD: Actually my new tracks have been working really well on shows this year! Look out for "Honors"!

You can pick up a copy of "Honors" right here.