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Juventa and Estiva On Their Musical Journey, Production Tips and More

Monday, August 11, 2014
Lauren Hruska

OTB had the honor of getting to know Juventa and Estiva before their sets at Foundation Nightclub. Seattle was the second stop in America for their Enhanced Sessions tour and we were fortunate enough to capture enough footage for a three part interview series. Our first segment focuses on their musical past, thoughts on production and advice to aspiring artists.

Behind The Beat | Juventa & Estiva Part I

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Juventa, aka Jordin Post, is one of the most exciting producers around. Despite his young age, Juventa possesses an experimental and forward thinking mindset that comes across in his productions, live sets and radio show Nothing But Love. I'm consistently impressed by the diversity of Juventa's sound. For instance, on August 18, his progressive house bomb "Superhuman" featuring Kelly Sweet will release, but a month prior he landed one of most innovative EPs of the year. His Culture Flow EP features five tracks that range from 101 to 185 BPM and incorporates down tempo grooves, ambient and orchestral elements, warm bass lines and so much more.


You've undoubtedly heard his track "Move Into Light," featuring Erica Curran, which recently hit over 1,000,00 views on YouTube. Juventa's twitter tells me that he's been cranking out some highly anticipated bootlegs so be sure to watch out for his take on Porter Robinson's "Flicker" and GusGus' "Over." It's clear that this 19 year old is just getting started.

Superhuman ft. Kelly Sweet Preview

Culture Flow EP

Estiva Estiva jumping black and white

Estiva aka Steven Baan is a what I like to call a "master of melodies." Fellow Dutch producer and DJ, Estiva, makes music that is as beautiful as it is energetic. I think what I appreciate most about Estiva's productions and remixes is that they always make me feel something.


His collaboration with Cardinal "Wait Forever" featuring Arielle Maren remains unwaveringly one of my all time favorite songs since its release last year, in addition to "Death of Me" featuring Tania Zygar. This past year he surprised me with his edgier Three Strikes EP and his next release will be a lovely progressive tune titled "Feels Right" featuring Sarah Russell. Estiva's love of electronic music is evident in his productions, DJ sets and the way he engages with fans. I can't wait to hear more from him.

Feels Right ft. Sarah Russell [Tritonia Rip]

Next Level Podcast 050 - Estiva Discography Episode