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Worthy of Dirtybird Backstage at Hard Summer 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Wesley McLaughlin

What an honor it was to sit down with one of the coolest cats on the West Coast at HARD Summer 2014.  Worthy is one of the four founding fathers of Dirtybird Records along with Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, and Christian Martin.  This label puts out track after track of funky house beats that will have you snapping your neck around to see who is playing at any club or festival.  Side note, if you are lucky enough to have a Dirtybird BBQ in your town don't miss it!  With tracks like "Crying Crickets" to his remix of Ass Club and his most recent Disbehave EP, Worthy's bass lines really set him apart from the rest of the house community and in the best way possible! OTB: What is the best part about being on Dirtybird Records, which is such a tight knit family/group, and being a part of creating it? Worthy: The best part is the friendships that I have with Justin, Christian, J.Philp, Claude and everybody.  Definitely at the beginning it pushed me when it was just the four of us.  We would really compete to put out the best track.  There was a certain drive that made us what we are today because we were always trying to one up each other and see who can create a new track or sound that works so well on the dance floor. OTB: What is Dirtybird BBQ all about? Who came up with the idea, and when? Worthy: Christian Martin just came over one day and was like "I am going to buy a sound system." We had all been going to the Sunset parties in San Francisco and thought they were awesome.  From there we decided to do our own party and it became a BBQ.  It wasn't really dreamed up the way it is, that is just what it grew into.  The next one is September 19th at Treasure Island. OTB: What do you feel makes Hard Summer or all of the Hard events special from other festivals? Worthy: I think Gary (Destructo) has a good foot in the underground and isn't trying to just push the super EDM/mainstream guys.  You've got the Dirtybird guys, Louisahhh!!!, Kry Wolf, a lot of guys who I really like. OTB: What inspired your latest EP Disbehave? It seems to have a slightly different feel than the rest of your music. Worthy: I made the track "Burned" first, I kind of just wrote that to do something different.  I played it for Justin and he was like "wow you should just do an album now."  I had been thinking about doing one for a while so I went with it.  It's different than the bangers I have put out, mostly I wanted to experiment instead of just making club tracks.  Also, I wanted to put together an album you could listen to from start to finish all the way through that is artistic in a different way than anything else I have tried to create.  It was very refreshing. OTB:  What does it take to prepare a day set like today and then lead into two after-parties? Worthy: I didn't really have a plan coming in but once I started today off it was at the beginning of a festival and everyone was high energy already so I just decided to bang it out.  Tonight I have no idea what I am going to play though, I just found out I was playing at Exchange closing out the night, as well as playing one set before that.  The District burner party is at Dim Mak Studios tonight and I have been good friends with them for a while and play out at Burning Man with them usually.  I told them I was going to come over and hang out for a bit and they asked if I wanted to play so I said why not since I'm here. Worthy Worthy is a kind, amazingly talented man and producer and I look forward to seeing more releases from him in the near future.  Make sure to check out the rest of Dirtybird Records if you haven't already.

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