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Slop Rock Talks "Synergy" & Hot Tracks

Friday, August 15, 2014

We recently sung the praises of Australian duo Slop Rock, who have just released their new album "Synergy" via VELCRO. As emerging electro artists who are quite clearly on the way up, we wanted to get to know the pair a little better - to hear more about the LP creation process, alongside plans for the future.

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OTB: You recently dropped your debut album "Synergy" on VELCRO. How long had you been working on this masterpiece, and did you have a theme for the album when planning it all out? Was it different compared to an EP?

"Yo! We had a few tracks out with VELCRO that had already done well in the charts, so they proposed to us doing the album and slipping a couple of those tracks on there. So it kind of came together over a period of about 2 years, but from the point of looking at the work as an album, it was around 6 months to get it all together and write the other singles and fillers. This one was a lot different to an EP, as we really wanted people to listen to this from start to finish, and without sounding corny, take them on a bit of a journey while keeping them interested the whole way through. So it was a lot more challenging for us working on this compared to an EP."

OTB: Which track did you most enjoy writing, and where did you guys create it?

"The title track "Synergy" is our favorite. It’s a lot different for our style and a sound; we had heaps of fun exploring, and can see a lot of our music heading that way in the future. All our stuff starts as ideas on our laptops written in bed with a bottle of wine, haha so we really enjoy writing all our tracks."

OTB: You are bringing out "Make It Right" as a single, can you tell us a bit about the track for those that have yet to listen?

"Make it Right" comes out in September, and has some really dope remixes on the pack; we are really vibing it, so we hope it does really well. It's not your average club tune, it's a bit more chord-focused, and the drop isn’t so in your face as most of the stuff going around at the moment. The vocals are really the thing that do it for us on this one, we’re not allowed to say who did them, but if you do some research you'll find that he is quite a legend. It's someone who gets a whole lot of air time on Triple J over here in Australia, so it was really inspiring working with him."

OTB: How has the "Synergy" tour been going in your home country?

"The tour has been really dope this time round! We have played all over Australia, but with this tour we have been playing a lot of the bigger rooms. It’s really cool to smash out our main room sound in these mega clubs, as well as some of the cooler smaller rooms around. We are really trying to explore a few sounds on this tour so we're dropping in a lot of trap, house, main room, and just a whole bunch of different genres in the one set, which has been so much fun and really cool seeing people get into a bunch of different genres without getting freaked out!"

OTB: Can you give us your three tracks that you love to play out live at the moment?

Jillionaire + Salvatore Ganacci ft. Sanjin - "Fresh"

"Love these vocals, and the drop has been getting people really loose!"

Kaz James & Junior Sanchez - "Underground Police"

"Every time we play this, you can hear people side-stage going "Daaaamn!" and then coming up to the decks to check the  ID, haha."

Lastly, David Guetta & Showtek - "Bad"

"Cheesy, but it does the job, and we are really vibing on Showtek's lead lines at the moment. Those guys can write a hook!"

Go ahead and pick up a copy of the "Synergy" LP here.