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Solis & Sean Truby Talk "Skin Deep", Top Tracks, Trance & More

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#TranceFamily! We have a very special treat for you today. OTB recently had the opportunity to chat with English Trance duo Solis & Sean Truby shortly after the release of what is sure to be one of their biggest tracks to date, "Skin Deep", featuring none other than highly-coveted songstress Audrey Gallagher. Anyone familiar with tracks like John O'Callaghan's "Big Sky" and Armin van Buuren's "Hold On To Me" have been blessed by the Irish pipes of Gallagher, while Solis & Sean Truby's chart topping track "Empathy" put them on the map. In this #BehindTheBeat interview the pair give us their favorite tracks of the moment, Trance acts to watch, words of wisdom and more, so make sure to check it out below and grab "Skin Deep" now on Beatport!


OTB: Congrats on your new single "Skin Deep" with Audrey Gallagher! What's your favorite track that Audrey Gallagher has been a vocalist on? Solis & Sean Truby: For us it's hard to pick just one as she’s been the major trance vocalist for us for a number of years, however "Big Sky" certainly brings back fond memories, so we’ll go for that. OTB: How does it work producing as a duo? Are one of you better at some aspects than the other? Solis & Sean Truby: It works very well! Our work flow is pretty simple in the sense that we bounce ideas back and forth on a daily basis and then get together to execute as we live close by. OTB: Describe your sound in 5 words or less. Solis & Sean Truby: Powerful, impact, creative, energetic OTB: What are your 3 favorite tracks right now and why? Solis & Sean Truby: Anything by Ben Gold is in. His new single with Christina Novelli is a favorite of ours. Other producers we keep an eye on are Chris Schweizer and Beat Service, so we’d probably go for:

Ben Gold feat. Christina Novelli – All Or Nothing

Chris Schweizer – The Fire Inside

Beat Service – BOOST!

OTB: Who are your favorite up-and-coming artists in the Trance genre and why? Solis & Sean Truby: Two spring to mind and they’re both signed to our own label, Infrasonic Recordings. The first is a good friend of ours Harry Square, who is smashing it atm. He has such a big sound and we dig everything he produces, and the other is a duo called Arkham Knights. They’re another act from the UK who are set to blow up. Both of the acts are regulars in our sets. OTB: If you could make any other type of dance music, what would it be and why? Solis & Sean Truby: Really good progressive house. None of this big room stuff currently swamping the market these days. A cross between Mark Knight and Funkagenda would be cool as we love that vibe so much. OTB: What's your best advice for new producers/DJs? Solis & Sean Truby: Don’t give up! Such a simple message but something all up and coming acts should all have. The industry is getting harder and harder to crack, but if your music is good enough and you believe in your sound you can make the grade; providing you deal with the rejection in the right way. OTB: What's coming up for Solis & Sean Truby? Any new tracks? Big shows? Solis & Sean Truby: We have lots of new material cooking in the studio. A couple of cool collaborations with two of our favorite names in the industry that we’re looking forward to, as well as our first artist album that we hope to begin work on next year. Expect a lot more vocal tracks, as it's an area we have been keen to improve in. OTB: Anything else you'd like to say to your fans? Solis & Sean Truby: You rock! For all of those who have stuck by us as our sound has evolved, all we can say is Thank You! We may have left our 138 stuff behind and lost some fans along the way, but we feel our music is the strongest it's ever been and things feel more natural in the studio, which is so important. It's been quite a journey!

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