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Exclusive Premiere of MOA's Maverick, Remixed by Devon James

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Alex Blake

Electronic music continually, and almost by definition, pushes the boundaries of musical innovation. While there are no doubt many examples of the lack of innovation within the broader genre (known for better or worse as “EDM”), there are always stunning instances of new combining new with old, pushing the frontier of musical possibility forward. Such a progression can be no more apparent than with MOA and his first album Maverick. MOA, the alter-ego of saxophonist Max Wild, has ambitiously undertaken an effort to blend a wide range of musical styles, embodying the remix-dynamic that is so pervasive throughout electronic music today. By taking styles from the comparatively musical past, such as Jazz, African rhythms, and acoustic elements, MOA blends them, by adding influences such as dubstep and electropop, into an electronically infused work of audio art. Many can simply remix a song, while it takes a genuinely distinctive artist to remix a genre.   The sounds of Maverick not only spans the spectrum of musical genres and global influences, but the creation of the album itself reflects a wide range of experiences embodied in the music. “Maverick sees me come full circle, it depicts my progression as a musician, from my roots in Africa, later ventures in jazz and World music, and points to the future as I explore the world of electronica,” Max says of the album. “Maverick is the story that has shaped my life and the story I am presently writing, of which I am excited to share it's next chapter with you.” [caption id="attachment_25246" align="aligncenter" width="765"]MOA Max Wild of MOA.[/caption] In anticipation of the release, MOA has decided to premiere the album as mixed by Devon James, known for his Still in Love EP and frequent appearances in Ibiza and New York, dropping deep house vibes at whichever venue is lucky enough to have him grace the decks. Along with MOA, Devon is a fellow Dubspot instructor at the New York-based music production school, where the two came together to blend their styles and release a truly unique album remix in anticipation of the premiere.   “Once I heard ‘Dance Tonight’ (the third song on the album) I was blown away...The vocals of Chiwoniso are so beautiful and, when I learned that she had passed away, I really wanted to do something special for this remix,” Devon recalls. “I wanted to re-touch the song a bit with my own style, while still keeping the vocals and message of the original intact. The Chiwoniso was also a very talented mbira player (a Zimbabwean instrument), so I brought that out a little more, and put a little bit of those Balearic sunshine vibes that I've been experiencing out here in Ibiza. I am very excited for Max and this release, he should be very proud of such a strong debut. I am honored to have been a part of it and I definitely am looking forward to working with MOA more in the future, both in the studio and on stage.” [caption id="attachment_25247" align="aligncenter" width="858"]10406963_10202159916419439_9136607493367698140_n Devon James[/caption] We here at are proud to exclusively premiere this remix album. A truly exceptional blend of sounds and influences, Maverick is a musical force to be reckoned with and the strongest first album seen in some time. Grab a free download of the entire remixed album here, and the remix of “Dance Tonight” as a stream. And don’t forget to check out the full album release on September 23, 2014!