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Infected Mushroom States Their Opinions On Israel War With Hamas

Monday, September 15, 2014
Monica Uppal

On August 30, 2014 I had the opportunity to interview the legendary Infected Mushroom at Avalon Hollywood. Back in my college years, the dynamic duo performed at my alma mater, and change my life forever. This group brought energy, excitement, and liveliness to my mundane life of biology books and physics equations; their music lifted my spirit and their energy transcended beyond just their one night performance, impacting my outlook on life that quarter in school. Meeting Erez Eizen and Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani of Infected Mushroom had me antsy; here's a group, that despite the ongoing problems in their home country, Israel, continue to produce music that unites individuals from all religious creeds, orientation, race, and culture. To be honest, I was so scared for this interview (not only was this my first live in person sit down interview), but  it was my first interview with one of my favorite groups; lets just say I died inside. Might I also add that these men are incredible human beings, so genuine, respectful, humble, and just so damn chill. Make sure you read: BEHIND THE BEAT | INTERVIEW WITH INFECTED MUSHROOM Normal jitters aside, I do thorough research seeking for content that no other interviewers have previously ask. There is an amazing interview on this site conducted by one of our other authors Dom (link above); however, my interview was more focused on current events. One of the main topics I wanted to discuss was the Israel war with Hamas. Now like every problem that exists in the world, there are two sides to every conflict. It is imperative that readers research both sides, understand what is going on, and then make a rational opinion. No matter the opinion, the fact is that people are suffering and dying on both sides. 10649476_10152229310802261_5356335683756490457_n

Now why would I focus an interview on the Israel war with Hamas?

For many that do not know, Erez Eizen and Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani of Infected Mushroom are an Israeli duo that happen to be one of the largest and best selling groups ever in Israeli music history. Their music surpasses domestic sales, and in fact, is widely acclaimed internationally. Not bad for two men who as they stated “Just wanted to be rock-stars.” So lets just say, they're a big deal and their country and people love them. With the ongoing war, and with their recent performance in Israel, I wanted to get their raw, unfiltered opinions and thoughts; so I straight up asked: “What do you think about the war?” And in the most humble and honest way, the two men looked at me, and Amit Duvdevani said “I hope both sides come to a resolution so that there is peace.” I was floored. To be honest, I was expecting a more radical answer. I thought Amit Duvdevani was going to speak grudgingly about the other side, yet instead he genuinely wanted peace to happen. Most of the time when I ask my friends of Palestinian background or Israeli background the same question, they talk poorly about the opposition; but it is a testament to the individual and character of Amit Duvdevani to humbly, not superficially state such a remark.

The wars impact on music

I then asked the duo how the war impacts their music, and their response was “We have no agenda, we make music that we believe in.” Wow, I again was amazed. Instead of taking this interview to showcase a particular opinion, these two utilized this time to remind us all what unites humanity, music. Music is the unspoken language that transcends all cultures, beliefs, and people. Music never should have an agenda, it should move and shake people for the better, and that's exactly what Infected Mushroom does. They make music and impact people from all walks of life, Israeli and Palestinian. For me, the most powerful moment of the night was during the opening of their set, I wish I had my phone charged to snag a photo, but it was two men, one wearing a Palestinian shirt rocking out to a man wearing the Star of David; Infected Mushroom reminded me that music, more specifically in EDM (as stated in my other article WHY “WASTE” MONEY ON FESTIVALS?) allows us to escape the even the harshest of realities that exist in our World. We are liberated from the ugliness that exists in the world, where individual rights are suppressed, because of government rules and regulations. We congregate, no matter religious creed, orientation, nationality, and race, arm in arm. We come pure, vulnerable, loving, and inspired. It’s simple, we come as humans. 10600451_10152239324627261_5695502922802865916_n

Final Remarks:

So what more can I say, not am I only impressed by the musicality of Infected Mushroom, I am even more impressed about who they are as individuals. They are true artists that live, breathe, and eat for quality music that impacts and moves audiences. Hands down, they will forever be one of my top favorite musical groups. Thank you Erez Eizen and Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and keep inspiring. 59115_423033052260_8067420_n

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