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Interview with Brazzabelle: The Queen Of Ravercise

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Most of you have probably heard of Boots Bowles, better known as Brazzabelle, who is one of the sickest female DJs based out of Los Angeles. Originally from Cave Creek, AZ, Brazzabelle began DJing in 2010. By 2011 she released her first debut production “Break Your Body”, was named a “leading woman in nightlife by 944 Magazine, and earned residencies at Southern California’s biggest clubs. By 2013 she was asked to be the Official DJ of The Young Hollywood Awards that aired live on national television and went on to play the Mainstages of EDC Puerto Rico and Electric Zoo New York. Brazzabelle continued to prove her credibility as a producer by earning official remixes from Elliphant and Skrillex, Crystal Fighters, and Gentlemen Hall as well as curating her hugely successful “Festival Remix” series. Personally I love Brazzabelle's style of music. I am a big fan of the throwback songs  and when she does her remix packs - I always find myself listening to every song she puts out!

OTB: What has been the best part of 2014 for you so far?

Brazzabelle: 2014 has been my first year as a professional producer,  so for me the best part has been just having the opportunity to focus all my energy on my music and playing shows.

OTB: Who would you like collab with?

Brazzabelle: Diplo, GTA, Wiwek, Alvaro, 4B, Autoerotique, Mercer, DJ Snake, Bare

OTB: What is your opinion on genres?

Brazzabelle: I think that musicians today are pushing genre boundaries so much that its getting really hard to label music with traditional genres. I also think as a producer its impossible to stick to one genre because the music trends are moving so quickly that one day a genre maybe hot and everyone loves it and the next day its not and everyone is sick of it. I think that goes for both fans and DJ’s, producers get a lot of heat for switching up genres and I dont really understand why because they should have a right to change their musical tastes just as much as listeners do.

OTB: When you were in college what did you major in?

Brazzabelle: I started as an Engineering major and then graduated with a degree in Business Marketing.

OTB: Do you have a passion for fashion?

Brazzabelle: Yeah, fashion is really fun. It’s just another outlet for my creativity.

OTB: Can we expect a Brazzabelle Headlining Tour?

Brazzabelle: Definitely!

OTB: What has been your favorite song to produce so far?

Brazzabelle: They have all been really great! Traditionally my favorite is the last thing I’ve written due to it being fresh on my mind and being able to implement new things I’ve learned from the other tracks.

OTB: What can you tell us about your new track SIREN?

Brazzabelle: Its coming out September 29 and Im really excited! I’ve been focusing so much on writing- it will be nice to let people hear what I’ve been locked away doing!

OTB: What's up next for Brazzabelle?

Brazzabelle: I'll be playing Hard DOTD festival as well as Mad Decent Boat Party where I'll be teaching the first ever Ravercise class! Im also working on collaborations with Bare and Saint Liz as well. I’ve also started working on my next Festival Remix too!

So there you have it just a little bit of information on Brazzabelle. Be on the look out on her Soundcloud for new music and if you are attending HARD DOTD, Mad Decent Boat Party or if she is playing at a venue near you I suggest you go check her out!