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Thero Has An Important Question For Mim Nervo

Monday, October 06, 2014

As previously mentioned on this site, Thero has been making some serious noise in the tropical house scene. He's managed to put out massive remixes giving off great tropical house vibes, while staying original without sacrificing any quality. I kept seeing his remixes pop up on Soundcloud, racking up a near 200K listens a piece with not even 2,500 followers, so I just had to reach out and grab an interview with this rising star. Take a listen to his latest remix, "Comes And Goes" originally by Greg Laswell, as you get to know a little bit more about TJ Sarda. OTB: First, can you just give us a little background on yourself? How did you get the name "Thero", and where did your musical experience come from? Thero: "I'm a 22-year old music producer from Palm Beach, FL. I just graduated from Notre Dame this past May, and I am working full time in NYC. Even though I live in NYC now, my music lets me channel those tropical vibes wherever I am ~" "I struggled with my name for awhile, but I ultimately ended up on Thero. My real name is Theron, and I thought it sounded pretty cool if you just drop the “n” off." "Other than a handful of piano lessons from when I was nine years old, the majority of my musical knowledge has been self-taught. I’ve always felt comfortable on the drums, and in high school I taught myself to play the guitar and piano. I still can’t read music though…" OTB: What software do you use for production, and what is your favorite plug-in to use? Thero: "Logic Pro X is my main squeeze right now. I started with Ableton in the very beginning, but I’ve been using Logic Pro for years now. One of my favorite plug-ins might be a bit of a surprise, but it’s Nicky Romero/Cableguys’ Kickstart. I don’t use it because I’m lazy, but when I want to work really quickly it allows me to get some nice results in about .1 second." OTB: What has been your favorite track that you have produced so far? What about it makes it so special? Thero: "This is a tough one. Probably between "We All Get Lost Sometimes" and "Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl". The first was my first foray into Tropical House, so it’ll always be a favorite, but I also think that my "Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl" is put together really well. It hit #1 on the HypeM remix chart, so there’s no doubt it was the crowd favorite too." OTB: What do you think is the most important part of your tracks? What is your personal favorite part of a track to work on? i.e. the melody, intro, percussions, etc. Thero: "The most important part of my tracks is the vibe they give off. If you’re not smiling by the time you’re done listening, I’m not doing my job." "My favorite parts to work on are the melody and the strings. I feel like those are the two elements that can have the most emotion, and they’re what I really use to try to set off different moods throughout my tracks." OTB: What is one thing that you cannot produce without? Such as candy, chips, pop, beer, etc. Thero: "An internet connection; whenever I’m working on planes or on the road, I always want to search for new samples or look up how something is done. I’m always trying to refine my abilities, so it feels really limiting when I can’t keep learning." OTB: With the sudden surge of Tropical House, how have you managed to find your own sound and maintain it? Thero: "In my last few tracks, I’ve developed a pretty comprehensive sound set that has really been working for me. I’ve always loved deep house remixes and tracks with heavy bass lines, so keep an eye out for more of those in the future." OTB: Is there a major musical inspiration that usually influences you, or does it change often? Thero: "It’s always changing, and that’s why I try to listen to as wide a variety of music as possible. I have a real respect for guys like Filous, who can make killer tracks that are super clean and simple." OTB: If you could play at any festival or venue in the world, where would it be, and why? Thero: "Pool parties in Vegas, because I think my music is better for day parties, or Ultra just because yolo haha, that’s everyone’s dream. It’s always been right in my backyard so it would be pretty sick." OTB: What are your top 3 favorite songs that are out right now? Thero: Last week I’ve been jamming out to: Coming Over (Filous Remix) - James Hersey You and Me - Oxford Burn – KSHMR & DallasK OTB: What do you feel has been your most important/defining moment in your career so far? Thero: "When my DWBYG remix hit #1 on the HypeM remix chart, I felt like people started taking notice of what I’ve been up to. Hotel Garuda actually heard it there, reached out to me, and we’ve become good buddies. We’ve got a huge remix in the works together, and last Friday they brought me out on stage at Webster Hall when they dropped a couple of my songs, so that was pretty big." OTB: If you could ask any artist or band one question, who is the artist(s), and what is the question? Thero: "Easy. Mim (from Nervo) – will you marry me?"  

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