Duvoh Talks About Their Latest Uplifting Single

With this California duo having just appeared on Deorro’s label Panda Funk, and with rumors of a collaboration in the pipeline, we decided we needed to hear a little more from the talented Duvoh. While they consistently bring out a string of high-powered electro releases, we wanted to find out more about the process behind their most recent single with Adrian Delgado, “Darkness I Needed.”

OTB: Can you describe “Darkness I Needed” in three words?

Duvoh: Uplifting, emotional and hopeful.”

OTB: How did you go about writing the vocals? Did you have any input, or did you let Adrian work his magic?

Duvoh: “We had input, but definitely let him work his magic. He has a very unique way on how he goes about his writing, and we were there to input as he went through the writing process.”

OTB: How does it feel playing the track to a club or festival full of fans?

Duvoh: “So far we’ve only had one chance to play it out, and it was awesome! We played it without expecting anything, and the reaction was amazing. It’s a great feeling seeing the whole place jump, and getting the same feeling back.”

OTB: Working as a duo, do you ever get in conflict about your ideas when writing?

Duvoh: “Most definitely, sometimes we have two different ideas in our head for a track, but in the end we both have our ideas come together nicely.”

OTB: Can we expect more tracks with featured artists in the future?


Duvoh: “Yes, of course. We always love working with other artists, and seeing what crazy ideas we can come up with.”


You can follow Duvoh on Twitter here, and can grab their latest single “Darkness I Needed” here. 




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