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JackEL is an Up and Comer to Watch Out For (Interview)

Thursday, October 30, 2014
Madison Riccardi

"My name was transformed to JackEL at age of 14. I am currently 18 and live in Las Vegas. I am originally from Edmonton, in Canada but moved out to Las Vegas when I realized music was my passion. I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and lived there for the first seven years of my life. I contribute a lot of my music success to the music that has surrounded me my whole life in different parts of the world." - JackEL

JackEL's style is simply unique; his styles range from hard-hitting electro house to smooth NuDisco, with wavey synths that would make Kill Paris jealous. Oh and did we mention an insatiable hunger and passion to make good music? The kid is killin it. I was lucky enough to interview JackEL check it out!

OTBHow did you get introduced into Electronic Dance Music?

JackELKicking it in Canada when I was in grade 7, I started listening to Deadmau5 and Skrillex and purchased the game DJ Hero. Right after that I purchased real turn tables and started spinning but new that I was missing something. I wanted to actually create these electronic bangers not just mash them up. So that's when I downloaded Fruity Loops and started creating my own beats, shortly moving to Ableton Live.

OTBDo you think living in Las Vegas has impacted the way you produce?

JackELI think that Moving to Las Vegas was extremely detrimental to my current success. As soon as I moved here I immediately starting making some connections that would boost my career drastically.

OTBHow did JackEL come about?

JackELBack in Grade 7 I used to DJ parties and school dances under the name DJ BOMB, that came from all my friends always saying Jack Is the bomb. I soon changed my name to Romboy when I started producing as I didn't want to have DJ in my artist name. After a lot of thought and logo ideas, Me and my father realized I should just be named JackEL. It made sense because of my first name Jack my middle name Edward and my last name Lozeron so JackEL was born.

OTB: What is your opinion on genres?

JackELI continuously hear people say, "Oh, I don't listen to rap music", or "I don't like EDM" . Ever since I was young I never dislikes any genre. I've always went through various fazes of music from moshing to Heavy Metal, to driving to Classical music, raging to EDM or relaxing to some Jazz. I think that all music is very fascinating and if it has a good melody and a good beat I can usually dig it.

OTB: Who would be your dream collab?

JackELI would love to work with various Alternative Rock/Indie Rock bands such as Foster The People or Two Door Cinema Club or Paramore. Although collaborating with some EDM kings such as Kill The Noise and Skrillex would be a great experience , I would definitely love to chill in the studio all day, jamming with some cool bands and vibing out, making some great music.

OTB: Being so young, do you think you have already formed "your sound"?

JackELI'm not to sure what "My sound" would be yet, but I would say that my fans can always expect a catchy melody somewhere in music. I'm continuously making different genres of music, experimenting and having fun trying new things. I think my future holds a lot of different styles of music.

OTB: Biggest music influences?

JackELI used to listen to Nirvana (Kurt Cobain) every single day of my life and take notes on how he rose to his success and how he did his music. I used to want to be exactly like him, until I grew older and realized that he got famous because it was the right time and he did him. I think that I have a couple small influences here and there, but when I get into the studio and start creating, I make what comes to me, and I don't try to make music trying to be like another artist.

OTB: What has been your favorite song that you have put out so far?

JackELI think my favorite song I have put out is "High Times". Originally a Free Download on my Soundcloud page, this track was a hit from the day I released it. It immediately got picked up by a *secret* label that is currently trying to find a hit singer to ft. on it! The reason why it's my favorite is because the song came to me so naturally and I finished it and released it in around 3 hours. I love fast tracks that don't ride on for weeks and get boring after awhile.

OTBWhat is next for JackEL?

JackELHonestly, you can expect to see my name on the top 100 list on iTunes and on Billboards all over the world. I have been planning tons of touring gigs in different countries and all over North America. I have been collaborating with some amazing Grammy winning artists, and i'm just going to be making music every single day until something happens where I can't make music anymore. Who knows I might join a Korean Pop band or something crazy like that. As long as I'm creating music and having fun with it, the future could hold anything.

 I hope you all enjoyed this interview as much as I did, be sure to keep a lookout for JackEL he is an up and comer.