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One T has those #NeverStopDancing Vibes (Interview)

Sunday, November 02, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Who is One T you might ask? A native of Los Angeles, Bret Loehr, better known as One T, is a producer/singer/songwriter who uses all original vocals, production and instrumentation.

I was lucky enough to get an interview with One T and at the end he gives a very special message to his fans!

OTB: How did One T come about?

One T: One T was a transitioning into my new electronic based sound that I discovered while going to icon collective. One T is a fun #NeverStopDancing vibe that I want people to feel when listening to my music.

OTB: Do you think living in Los Angeles has impacted the way you produce?

One T: L.A is a huge reason for my success. I live with some of the most talented producers who all attended Icon Collective Music School. Having so many dope concert venues in L.A with tons of different acts coming through, its easy to be inspired.

OTB: What is your opinion on genres?

One T: Everyone in my house makes different genres of music so I'm so lucky to be influenced by my friends to make what I feel. I never start a track knowing what it will be. The groove makes itself. I wouldn't put my self in any one genre.

OTB: Dream collab?

One T: Sam Gellaitry. The dude is 17 and absolutely kills the game with sounds he's putting out. I would be dope to sing on one go his tracks.

OTB: What is your favorite song that you have ever produced?

One T: Probably my track Showtime. It was my artist debut and so much love and emotion went into making it. I still get the same feeling hearing it now as when It was first created.

OTB: What's it like be a graduate of Icon Collective?

One T: Icon was the match that sparked One T. The skills I gained  from the school have allowed me to paint my colors on Ableton (my favorite DAW) ,freely with ease and flow. And Having Derek (1/ of Slander) and Tyler (NGHTMRE) in my class gave me so much inspiration with their hard work ethic and drive.

OTB: What's next for One T?

One T: Well my latest track I released was the last for my first EP self titled One T. I'll be re-releasing the EP soon as a package, very stoked on the new music coming. Definitely more women friendly funk tracks but also some emotional funk. Going to keep doing what I love. Hope people dig it.

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