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Behind the Beat | Interview with Tasadi

Sunday, November 23, 2014
Casie Millhouse

Tasadi's new album 'The Ancient Realm' is a unique themed album in which each track that was produced corresponds to a wonder of the world or a major landmark. Tasadi has written every single track in the album with that very specific mindset. Only the Beat gets an inside look at this hugely talented DJ and producer. OTB: Looking from the past to where electronic music, specifically Trance is now in Boston, it's easy to see that you are one of the names that truly stands out. What has been the largest struggle for electronic music exposure up til now? Tasadi: I think the largest struggle is the fact that this industry changes so much every single year. From genre, to new artist, to new form of media, to even new technology. With all these factors and competition you really have to be unique to stand out. OTB: Let's talk about your work as a developer. Can you tell us how that started? Tasadi: I have a bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a masters in Computer Science. And recently have used the both of these along with my music background to land a job at Sonivox here in Boston. My job there is to design VST’s (synths / plugins) used to produce music. It gives me a pretty in depth technical understanding all the way down to the code used to make everything happen. OTB: Prior to DJing, what where you into? Does it get plugged into your music? Tasadi: It started about a decade ago back in high school, so about the late 90s. I was listening to more commercial and mainstream electronic artist such as Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, and many others. Those influences are still heard in my tracks. OTB: What sparked the fuel to take on DJing in the first place? Tasadi: When I bought my first 'real' underground CD called Tranceformer. As soon as I popped the CD into my car, I instantly fell in love with the sound and decided this is something I wanted to also do myself. OTB: What do you feel has been a major game changer in your career? Tasadi: Getting my first official release 'Saturn' released on Armada back in 2007. That started opening a lot of doors for me. OTB: Let's talk about The Ancient Realm, what's the story behind this track? Tasadi: The Ancient Realm is a unique themed album in which each track corresponds to either a wonder of the world or a major landmark of the ancient era. Every single track was written with this very themed mindset in order to capture the specific wonder or landmark at hand. The use of various ethnic instrumentation mixed with modern electronic elements are heard in nearly every track in order to capture all the emotion, and to paint an aural picture of its title. OTB:  How do you go about making music more engaging & personal? Tasadi: I always try to focus on life's lesson. I feel my music is a perfect outlet to express all the different emotions and experiences we all face every day. I don't care so much about genre or style, but rather how does this particular track make you feel. OTB:  As you head forward in the music, what kind of aspect would you like to stay true to your music and which parts would you like to explore? Tasadi: I will always advocate for music with emotion in the composition. No matter what new style I'm exploring.