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Meaux Green Is Doin' Big Things

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Madison Riccardi

As some of you Los Angeles people probably know, Meaux Green recently had a killer show at the Avalon for CONTROL Fridays. His "TWERK CIRCUS" with Party Favor blew the audience away. I was lucky enough to get an interview with the man, Meaux Green. Check out what he has to say in his own words: OTBWho is Meaux Green?
Meaux GreenA hustler.
OTBWhat inspired you to start DJing/Producing?
Meaux GreenI stated DJ'ing around 2008 just at Friends houses. Somebody gave me a copy of Ableton and I was hungry to learn how to make my own tunes. I've always been into creating. I played guitar, wrote graffiti and was a graphic designer when I was a teenager.
OTBIf you could give a word of advice to aspiring DJ's/Producers what would you tell them?
Meaux GreenLearn music theory and watch lots of tutorials and read. Find your own sound.
OTBWhat has been your favorite song you have produced so far?
Meaux GreenMaybe G-String. It's just really fun and kinda embodies what this shit is all about to me. Just having fun.
OTBWhat is your opinion on genres?
Meaux GreenI don't really think about it too much. As music evolves new genres and subgenres are created. I just make what I like people can call it whatever they want.   OTBDo you think that living in Las Vegas has impacted the way you produce today? Meaux GreenI only recently moved there but i'd say coming from Miami definitely did. The hip hop culture is strong there and it def has influenced my music style. OTBWhat has been the craziest thing a fan has given/done to you? Meaux GreenA BJ. OTBWhat was is like collaborating with Party Favor, CAKED UP, TROPKILLAZ and D!RTY AUD!O just to name a few?
Meaux GreenPretty lucky to have worked with so many talented producers. All are really good homies as well.
OTBWhat has been your favorite show you've played and why?
Meaux GreenMy favorite show was probably my last show in Orlando before moving to Vegas. My parents came and a lot of my Florida friends showed up to see me off. There was a really good vibes.
OTBWhat is up next for Meaux Green?
Meaux GreenLots more music! I have another remix for the Floss guys coming out on Ultra and a song with Mr. ColliPark for Mad Decent and a load of new originals and collabs in the works so stay glued!