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Exclusive Interview: Huxley on Transforming House Music

Friday, December 05, 2014
Elizabeth Ninivaggi

An innovator, pioneer and a staple in UK house, British bred producer Huxley has been busy spreading the word of good music for a long time now. He's been cranking out tunes since his late teens and has been a leader in the UK garage music and the culture since its early days. Today, he's shifted his sound (like many producers) to the deeper and darker side of house and has successfully been able to transfer his talents to create an impressive lineup of tracks and remixes on some very prestigious labels.   544741_600627319967166_1880115839_n   He's just compiled guest mixes on the reputable Rinse FM  and BBC 1 Essential he's in the running for Resident Advsior's DJ of the year and he has just finished the summer up with a packed UK headlining tour. A busy man no doubt, Huxley keeps his cool after coming right out of his set at this year's HARD Day of the Dead in LA where we got the chance to dig around about his past, present and future. OTB: So you're fresh off this UK tour; tell us how that went? Huxley: WICKED. Really good, I'm used to playing the UK anyway but it was really good fun. I don't know, you can call it a tour but it's the same shit you do every week. And then obviously I come over here and it's my first day of the whole U.S. thing and its quite the experience going straight from the airport to playing. OTB: You must be exhausted! How do you go on stage and put on some energy when you're so tired like that? Huxley: I'm not going to lie, I'm not the most charismatic DJ, as long I'm feeling the crowd and the crowd is like feeling me, I got into it with like, one song. OTB: So, you had your roots in UK Garage, but where are you trying to take your music now? Huxley: I just make music that I want to make at the the moment maybe darker music, like techno. But, I still can't get the character out of it. OTB: Who are you listening to right  now and where are getting your inspiration for this? Huxley: To be honest, in terms of the UK sound there's been a few people I've liked and a few people I think are shit. The whole UK thing at the moment is so contrived because everyone that wasn't into garage is now trying to make garage sound and it's bollocks. For example, Chris Lorenzo to be honest. I've known Chris since I was 17 or 18 years old and he is still one of the greatest engineers I've ever met and I think he deserves everything that he gets and I think there's a few people that are getting big out of the back of the whole UK garage thing which really don't deserve to...but, I think that's true with any music. 487670_569926296370602_749574667_n  OTB: So what's up next for you? Any new remixes and production? Huxley: My album came out two weeks ago; it's going really well and I'm really happy with it. I mean, I finished the album back in August or July, so I'm kind of over it basically - I shouldn't be saying that and I should be saying, "Oh yeah, its amazing, buy it now" but it's good. OTB: Well, do you ever get sick of your own music? Huxley: Totally! I totally hate it, I would rather play other peoples music, which is better in my opinion. But...I'm moving on to a lot of new things that are a bit deeper. So the next few months should be cool but I haven't had time to really get in the studio and really make any music.  OTB: That's funny. When you do make your music, how do you go about doing it? I mean, what's your creative process like? Huxley: I mean, I'm very quick in the studio. I make a really, really quick thing then I listen to it for a couple of days and if I like it then I can go back and finish it. I'm kind of a lazy person anyway, so if I don't like it then I just can't be bothered. I've been doing this for 17 to 18 years, I know how to make a tune. Haven't given Huxley's new album a listen yet? Check it out here.