You Can’t Forget The Futuristic Polar Bears (Video)

The Futuristic Polar Bears – You’re not going to forget a name like that.

It would be one thing if they only had the name behind them, but the Futuristic Polar Bears absolutely deliver on their musical ability and energy. Only The Beat sat down with Fran and Luke in Seattle right before they played to a packed, rowdy nightclub.  Watch the video to hear the boys talk about origins, name, and the advantage to working with three heads on and off the stage.

Check out collaborations, new music, and their Going Global podcast on their SoundCloud.


Erik Skoog

Erik Skoog

I like catchy music and baby animals. One time I was on a Dutch documentary series about making it in Hollywood. I jump a lot when I dance.
Erik Skoog
- 5 days ago
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