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Odesza: A Duo Comprised Of Pad Thai & Pizza Lovers

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Gabby Espinet

Wednesday marked the last day of Odesza's (Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight's) tour in Europe, and I was fortunate enough to spend their last hours in London with them for an interview. We ended up spending our time at a little café and got right into it!

Odesza Interview

OTB:  So you guys are in London again, how are you finding it so far? Harrison: "It's cool. I feel like it's the first time we got to experience some of it within the last two days... because last time we were eating out. I watch a lot British comedy, so it's funny to just be here. Also, there's so many singers from our album that are from here." OTB: Like Zyra! Harrison: "Yeah yeah, so it's cool to visit where they're from." OTB: Did you guys do any sightseeing? Clayton: "Not a lot, we had dinner at a nice restaurant, hung out with some of the Ninjatune people, we also we went on Oxford Street and did some shopping, so it has been pretty laid back." OTB: Cool, where did you guys shop? Clayton: "Well, Strauss House, and then we went to the Apple Store." (all laugh)

ODESZA - Memories That You Call (feat. Monsoonsiren)

OTB: So Harrison, you said you watch British comedy, what shows do you watch? Harrison: "I really like Peep Show. I like a lot of David Mitchell's comedies." Clayton: "What's the one with the kids?" Harrison: "The InBetweeners." OTB: (laughs) I actually have the DVDs, and the movie! Clayton: "They had a movie?" OTB: Yeah! Well it sounds like you guys have been everywhere in Europe, how has the tour been going? Harrison: "It was a pretty intense tour, there were like 7 acts every day, and we were constantly on the move, so there was a lot of driving, playing, and there wasn't tons of time to see a lot of places. We did see Rome and we got to see Florence though, and those were basically the main places we saw." Clayton: "We had days off in those spots." OTB: What did you guys do? Harrison: "In Rome, we did the classic tourist thing, we went to the Colosseum, took pictures of statues and stuff. In Florence, we went out to the bars!" OTB: So is there anywhere around the world where you want to perform, but you haven't been to yet? Both: "Barcelona for sure." OTB: So tell me the concept behind In Return. What was the inspiration behind it? Harrison:  "Basically, at the time, we were touring with a lot of electronic artists and playing a lot of festivals that were playing a lot of EDM stuff, and we kind of got sick of really loud, annoying electronic music, so we decided to go back to the roots of why we liked music; that's why the album is a little more rooted and down tempo and indie electronic. We went back and listened to some Gorillaz, Radiohead, M83, and all these other guys that started it for us. We wanted to try some singer/songwriter stuff too, because we haven't really done songs with lyrics; it was just a lot of vocal chopping. It was an album for us to try new things, but also come back to the things we loved about music." OTB:  I feel like Porter Robinson, in a way, is sick of it too and took that same direction! What do you guys think about him? Harrison: "He's awesome!" Clayton: "Yeah, giant influence! I mean, I love the direction he took, very m83-ish. I think it was pretty risky for him, because he has such a very dedicated fan base in the kind of heavier EDM, so I don't know if that kind of affected that, but I think he made a lot of new fans doing what he did because the album's so good." Harrison: "I think the fact that it's genuine is what makes it okay; you can tell that he genuinely liked that music, and that it wasn't following another fad, because I can definitely see that people like Flume started the more deeper kind of electronic, where its more indie, but he definitely did it really well." OTB: And what's your favorite song off of Worlds? Both: "We would definitely say Flickr." OTB: So you guys know that you are classified in the Dream Wave genre.

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Harrison: "Sure." (all laugh) OTB: I mean, what do you think about that? Harrison: "I'm kind of sick of genre names, like there's chill wave, dream wave, all these waves, and I don't know, it's kind of like at a certain point, if you start adhering to that, then you kind of get pigeon-holed into that. We try our best not to classify ourselves. We really like so many different styles of music, that we want to feel like we can do anything." OTB: You guys, I'm going to admit something, "Say My Name" is my favorite track off the album, and others would agree, but there are so many remixes of it. What would you say your favorite remix is? Clayton: "My favorite from the WAVO was definitely the contest winners, but I really liked RAC's, GANZ did a good job, and Hermitude did a great take on it." Harrison: "I liked Hayden James." Clayton: "Hayden James did a great take on it. Big Wild did a good job!"

Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Big Wild Remix)

OTB:  Yeah, they are all good in their own ways because of the different styles. A couple of days ago through This Song Is Sick, you guys released the "Sun Models" music video, the UNICEF one. How did that come about? Harrison: "Our management heard that they were looking for someone to work with, and he sent them our music. And yeah, they were fans so we ended up working with them. We of course wanted to be apart of something like that!" Clayton: "We knew the topic they were covering, and we are just big supporters of that area, so we were more than happy to give them the music, and felt honored to be apart of it."  

We then proceeded into the complete this sentence section.

  OTB: So this one's for Harrison, "My first impression of Clayton was...": Harrison: "He was quiet and reserved." OTB: What about you Clayton, "My first impression of Harrison was...": Clayton: "He was bro-y and artsy-- designer artsy." OTB: Okay, next one, "The weirdest/surrealist thing on our tour was...": Both: "Two guys basically having sex in front of the speakers in Prague."

OTB: Did that ever happen in America?

Clayton: (laughs) "Harrison, tell that story." Harrison: "In Zulu, Montana, we were playing in this basement and the monitors... or speakers that were playing back sounded blocked. I couldn't hear out of the left side, so I looked over and there was a girl leaning over it, and I was like that's really weird, but then I kept playing and then ten seconds later I was like, I still can't hear anything.  So I looked up and realized that there's a guy having sex with her over the speaker, and they're both making direct eye contact with me, and this is like a 20 minute long journey... it was horrible. It's really funny looking back, but in the moment, I was very uncomfortable." OTB: Oh my gosh, well...moving away from that....this one is for you Harrison, "When one of our single's hit no. 1 on Hype Machine, I first called...": Harrison: "Our manager! He wasn't our manager at the time, but I wanted him to be. I worked with him for two years before, and we did music commercials together. They were basically online North Face ads." Clayton: "We were together and we called Adam." OTB:  This one's for Clayton, "If I could live off of one meal, it would be...": Clayton: "Pizza for sure; without a doubt with barbecue, some pulled pork." OTB: Harrison, "If I could live off of one meal, it would be...": Harrison: "Pad thai." OTB: We are soulmates, how do you feel about avocados? Harrison: "Love avocados, I talked about this earlier today, I was like, I want some avocados today." OTB: (laughs) Clayton, "If I could be any animal, I would be..." Clayton: "A bear." OTB: Harrison, "If I could be any animal, I would be..." Harrison: "A wolf, and we'd fight." OTB: So guys, what can we expect for the future of Odesza? Clayton: "Well, we are working on a remix right now, which will be coming out soon... and then we are going to take a little break from putting out remixes and touring, but we will be doing festivals during the summer. We will be back here in May." OTB:  Well that's great, I am glad you guys are here right now, and hope to catch you guys again in May!  

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