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Max Sasse: The 15-Year-Old With A Sony Deal

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This week we managed to grab a few words with the 15-year-old Australian producer Max Sasse, who is just beginning to breakthrough with his individual take on the Melbourne Bounce sound. Having just released his debut single "Take That Bounce", we found out a little more about Sasse's creation process.

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OTB: As an up-and-coming artist, how would you describe your sound to someone who is yet to hear? MS: "I don't think that it can be described under any current genre, but it probably comes closest to the style of electro house/progressive house." OTB: How did you get into electronic dance music production at such an early age?  MS: "I got into electronic music production through my brother, who is 10 years older than me and his friends. I've always listened to electronic music, but they introduced me into Melbourne Bounce music, when it had just started being called "Melbourne Bounce". A couple of my brothers friends told me if I liked it so much, I should start making it myself. Even though I enjoyed DJing the music, when I got into production it was even more fun!" OTB: You're 15 - -  What is the dance music scene like in Australia for 15-year-old high school kids. Are you guys listening to this stuff on the radio? At home? Is this sound mainstream popular? Or just something you're into?  MS: "Well everyone listens to different stuff so I can't fully say. I would say there are a lot of kids my age who listen to it, but it's not too popular. The radio does play the popular Melbourne Bounce music; on Fridays late at night they play all Melbourne Bounce music. I'd say everyone has heard these songs on the radio. I wouldn't say its as popular as other genres, but it's getting there! I would say it's something I'm just fully into." OTB: How did you go about creating "Take That Bounce"? MS: "I worked really hard to make the track. It took me over a month to complete. It’s made up of different styles and techniques that I’ve been practicing with to develop my skills, which took a lot longer than the time it took me to put the track together. I tried to be as creative as possible, while also keeping it to a simple yet catchy standard." OTB: When did you sign your first track with Sony, and how did that relationship come about? How did you know they were the right partner for you?  MS: "I signed my first track with Sony a couple of months ago. The relationship came through Grant Smillie, who hooked me up with Sony. Grant went to the same school as me, so he wanted to meet me and give me info on the industry. He said he would give the song to Sony, and I was blown away! Especially when they said yes to the track! I knew they were the right partner for me, because when I talked to them about everything, they were extremely nice and seemed very interested about everything." OTB: Can we can expect to hear a vocal-led track in the future? If so, who would you most like to work with? MS: "That’s a good question, and not something that I’ve considered so far. Maybe someone like Samantha Jade if she’s interested." OTB: Do you prefer being in the studio or behind the decks performing? MS: "At the moment, I really like doing both of them equally. Maybe long term being in the studio is a more realistic option." OTB: Have you ever been to a rave? MS: "Yes I have raved, haha. There's a lot of different underage nightclubs in Melbourne I play at. They run as overage, but they do underage nights at the same time. I do like to rave at them with friends!" OTB: What can we expect from future releases, maybe an EP further down the line? MS: "I am currently working on both original tracks and remixes for 2015. I might be doing an EP in the future, depending on how my current releases go."

You can pick up "Take That Bounce" here.