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Sharps is Rolling Solo in 2015 (Interview)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Madison Riccardi

Winson Sharps, aka Sharps, is a normal 23-year-old dude... who has an abnormal love for music. Sharps has been living in Seattle for the greater part of his life, and living there has ultimately shaped him into the person he is today. His determination is his greatest and worst asset, he says, "always striving for better and never satisfied." You might recognize his name from Instant Party!, but he is breaking off on his ownready to take on 2015.  Here's more, from Sharps himself. OTB: How did DJing come about? Sharps: I was at Paradiso Festival at the greatest venue in the world [The Gorge] and truly fell in love with the music that weekend. The day after that festival ended, I bought my first controller and my obsession with playing began. Started as a bedroom DJ and just kinda took off.  OTB: Biggest music influences? Sharps: I've had many different artists influence my music and how I play my live sets. For example Brillz is who i try to model my sets after.. High energy, non stop, with a ton of edits and mashups that will always keep you guessin'. OTB: What is your opinion on genres?  Sharps: Genres are necessary to classify music into groups. The more dance music grows and evolves the more we will see lines blurred between genres. Who cares what it’s called in my opinion tho.. Good music is good music that is all the classification I need. OTB: Dream collab?  Sharps: My Dream collab would be with Carnage. The guy is a producing genius and always coming out with bangers. OTB: Biggest inspiration: nonmusical?  Sharps: My biggest nonmusical inspiration would definitely be my mom. Straight OG haha. Her drive and determination cannot be matched. Doesn’t take no for answer.. No task is to big and truly look up to her because of it. Helped me buy equipment while I was broke as hell and has believed in my music and I since day one.

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