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Kristian Nairn Talks House, Hard Work, and Hodor | Rave Of Thrones

Monday, December 29, 2014
Matthew Jager

The Rave of Thrones tour is officially underway, and you can bet it's one of the most fun themed tours we've ever seen. We had the privilege of seeing Kristian Nairn spin at Seattle's Q Nightclub a few weeks ago, and we even got to pick his brain about the tour! First though, let's talk about the awesome production of the event. The various house sigils were projected on one wall of the club while dancers adorned in GoT themed clothing danced with fire ad other dangerous looking objects. Kristian himself wasn't wearing any GoT themes clothing, but who can blame him? It was a packed and hotter than dragon breath night inside Q. He went from funky house to harder electro, and all over the place on the 4 CDJ setup in front of him! It was a lot of fun, and if you have a chance to catch the tour we highly recommend it! Now hear what he had to say about fame, DJing, and up-and-coming producers! OTB: How has the fame you've gotten from GoT affected your DJing career? Would you say it's been a good thing?
Kristian: I mean, it’s definitely been a massive boost to things.  I always did fairly well on the DJ scene, and I never ever had a shortage of work, but this has escalated my audience to another level.  On the other hand, I do get daily comments and messages such as “ ZOMG, HODOR is a DJ?!?!?  HUR HUR!!”  etc, but that's to be expected really, it’s the internet after all and I’m not going to continually justify myself as an artist.  My work speaks for itself.  If you like it, great, i’m insanely grateful.  If not..  you know where the exit is!  Lol.
OTB: You were a DJ long before you were on GoT, and not a lot of people know that. What made you want to start DJing? What were some of your first gigs?
Kristian: I was always a prolific club kid back in the day.  I loved the energy and eclectic mix of people you would see and meet on a night out!  I learnt the techniques of DJing from music college initially, just for fun…  but even when I was a few years into the job, I was still picking up tricks and tips from watching other DJ’s around me.  I would say that’s definitely where I picked up my most valuable knowledge.  My first gig was on New years eve I believe actually… I did a warm up slot.  I had NO clue and I was completely out of my depth…  but I like those situations when it's sink or swim.
OTB: Who are some up and coming producers that we should keep our eyes on?
Kristian: That's a good question, there are so many.  The Enormous Tunes has been massive for me this year.. with people like EDX, Nora En Pure, Croatia Squad etc, all with a really nice house genre crossing sound.  Grum.. who’s been around for a while, but is on fire at the minute.  I love producers who have a clear love of house, like I do, and who release tracks across the house music spectrum…  one of those is Andre Sobota.  Fehrplay, Don diablo (another long time producer on fire).. Monsieur Adi…  so many!
OTB: Are you friends at all with Elijah Wood? On the basis that you're both actors playing medieval characters, who also DJ.
Kristian: I’ve never met Elijah, but I’m pretty sure we will run into each other at some point.  I do know he DJ’s and I also know that we have very different styles and musical influences.
OTB: Do you have any crazy stories from the road so far that you'd like to share?
Kristian: This is going to sound a bit contrived, but I promise that I mean it.  Every night I walk out on stage and the place goes nuts, it's crazy for me.  I don’t feel like I deserve it, and I’m immensely grateful.. truly.  That’s also why I’m normally grinning as I DJ.  It's such a rush.  DJing in Alaska was bizarre!  What a great bunch of people up there though..  and they really know how to party!!
OTB: Do you have a favorite piece of gear for the road?
Kristian: I’m happy as long as I have my tech with me!  I’d be lost without that.  The iPhone is an amazing piece of kit, and it can really help with airport/travel etc.  I very rarely carry a boarding pass or schedule anymore.  I carry far too much actually.  I always have my laptop with me too, so I can update my music, or play World of Warcraft!
OTB: What advice do you have for DJs who are just getting started? What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you, in this regard?
 Kristian: I mean, DJing definitely is a different animal than it used to be.  I think its important to be proficient on multi format.  Imagine the beat counter on the CDJ goes down, and you need that shit to mix with.  If you had never learn how to beatmatch by ear, you would be completely screwed!!  Also, try never to lose interest in new music.  When I’m DJing for nights on end back to back, sometimes hearing music is tough, and it’s the last thing you want to do.  Try not to let that happen.  Remember - that passion is what will set you aside as an artist.
Tune in next time when we preview Elijah Wood's tour at Q this next month!