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Party Favor Discusses New Plans & Collabs For 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I got to meet up with one of  the coolest, most down to earth, and obviously extremely talented DJ/producer, Party Favor. Last time we caught up with Dylan (Party Favor), was about a year ago, and he was just coming off the success from his 'Booyah' remix that won him the remix competition. Flash forward one year, and he's already played EDC, Tomorrowworld, released 'Bap U', and is now finishing up his Twerk Circus tour with Meaux Green. Needless to say, it's been quite the year for Party Favor, and as Dylan says, he's "only scratched the surface". Find out more about Party Favor in our exclusive interview with him. OTB: Since we last met up, there has been a lot of stuff that has gone on in your career, including playing Tomorrowworld, EDC, and the release of 'Bap U'; out of all the chaos over the past year, what has been the biggest accomplishment in the last year for you? PF: "Ahh, that's a good question. Well, for my biggest accomplishment, I think it would be playing these festivals that I've always looked up to and been wanting to play, so that was kind of like a stepping stone for me, and a huge accomplishment in itself. But one thing that I think has been really cool has been able to release all this different music on different labels and stuff, because it's not how it used to be, where you would just do a random remix and release it for free whenever. And now people take the time to release it, listen to it, buy it, and really support me as an artist, which has been hugely inspiring for me. Also, just seeing all of my biggest influences like Diplo and Skrillex playing out some of my stuff on these main stages is a pretty insane feeling. It's cool to see that you're not only being taken seriously, but also respected by your peers." OTB: Through that experience, I'm sure you've met almost everybody that you've looked up to at one point. Is there one name in particular that you've always looked up to, or always wanted to collab with? PF: "I know it sounds cheesy, but I've always really appreciated Skrillex. He's supported my music in the past, and that really means a lot to me. He's someone that has really pushed our industry and our (electronic music) scene so far forward, and whether or not you like his type of music or whatever, you really have to respect how much he's done for us as a community. And seeing him do all that inspires me to keep pushing and developing my sound, and is essentially what helps me evolve. He's just a cool dude overall haha! But it's also different for me, because it's not like I make the typical big room house that's been getting played out at these main stages, so I can't say people like Tiesto or anyone supports it, but to have someone like Skrillex like and respect my music enough to play it out, I think that's pretty special." 10301441_755173137865299_4344485867151956255_n OTB: Another thing that you've been working on and hyping up for a while is the release of 'Bap U'; would you say that this is your proudest piece that you've had the opportunity to work on? PF: "Yeah, I mean that was obviously a huge release and milestone for me. I finished it up at the end of February at the beginning of this year, and have been sitting on it for that long. I guess that just goes to show you how much work and how long it takes into releasing songs this way, rather than being able to simply to put it out for free whenever. And in the least cocky sounding way, when I finished the track I knew I had something special, something good going with this track, and thats what I didn't want to give up on it, and release it in a way that wouldn't properly show the work that was put into it. I remember I first sent it to Bro Safari, and he was the first DJ to play it out, even when I didn't have the full master done on it. I sent it to him and he played it out at his Ultra set, and that was pretty huge for me. Then as more and more DJs started playing it out, some hype and mystery started to build up around it, because people were wondering what this song was and who it was by, because they kept hearing it played out at festivals and shows." OTB: Well at least the wait has lead to something pretty great! Now you're on a nationwide tour, and have had the opportunity to play some pretty crazy shows over the last couple of weeks. What has been your favorite show on the Twerk Circus tour so far? PF: "Oh man, it would be hard to pinpoint a favorite show, just because they're all so different in each city I go to. But I'm super pumped to play tonight at Foundation, I always have such awesome fans when I come through Seattle, and they're amazing and always supporting me when I come through, so tonight should be a good one too. One thing that I think has been so cool, has been when we go to smaller markets and cities where they might not be as fortunate to have artists come through their towns so much. Those kids always come out and go so hard, and I just love it." 10649973_755173114531968_5305422279153282084_n OTB: Is that something that you find that you like more? You've had the opportunity to play these huge festivals like Tomorrowworld and EDC, but what type of surrounding do you like more; the more intimate club setting to better interact with fans, or the huge stages at major festivals with a little less crowd interaction? PF: "That's so hard, and it's so tough to answer that. For me, these shows (referring to Foundation in Seattle) are awesome because of the energy that you give and get when you are sharing that space with the crowd and all that, ya know? I feel like the sound is more crisp, and you're in a confined space with people, so everyone is rocking out together. But the energy of festivals is hard to match, because you just see the crowd out there, it's just a sea of people. Most people are out there with big groups of friends, and rocking out, and giving off that kind of vibe. But as for set, to set, to set type shows, I personally enjoy the smaller club setting a little bit more." OTB: That being said, you've accomplished so much over the past year like we talked about previously. Is there anything major that is still sticking out in your mind that you need to do, or are really wanting to do in the future? PF: "Well it's tough to look at it that way, because even though I've been fortunate enough to accomplish so much in that stretch of time, there is still so much that I need and want to do. For me, it feels like I'm just scratching the surface for the potential that I have. I still want to work with so many other artists, a lot of artists in other genres too, to be able to expand not only my sound and style, but to expand the scene itself. A lot of the stuff that I'm working on now really isn't even 'Party Favor-ish' sounding material, ya know? It's not the typical style that I produce, so I may release it under a different name or whatever. I'm also working on some stuff with other house producers too, which is a bit of a change for me. But I've always kind of just drifted towards the trap and twerk genre, because of how much energy it brings. It's the perfect balance between hip-hop, and dance music. It's kind of like a hybrid, and I love it. As for me as an artist, collaborations are only going to make me better, because I'll be exposed to the different styles of all these different producers. I think the next big step for me would be taking it overseas. I mean, I've already been to Brazil and Australia, but I want to play in Europe still because I haven't had the chance to do that, and also some of the bigger international festivals like Tomorrowland and Stereosonic." 10362644_755173161198630_4964808714588031606_n OTB: Last time we met up, you were describing your musical influences, and how hip-hop has had a major influence on you and your style of music, and being able to combine that with trap. How have you managed to find new inspirations for new sounds and styles, other than through collaborations? PF: "Oh man, I find inspiration in so much stuff. I originally got into electronic music through mashups and stuff like that, combining a bunch of different genres. I have the most eclectic selection of music in my library haha, sometimes I'll be listening to metal, or hip-hop, or weird experimental shit, really just all types of genres. I'm always finding samples, energy, and style from these other artists, and it sounds bad, but for lack of a better word, I steal these styles or whatever from the artists, and then will find a way to make it my own, unique sound, and to be able to transform and incorporate that is pretty cool." OTB: Like we've talked about, there's so much that you have accomplished not only in the last year, but in your career in general. What is the next step for Party Favor? PF: "I've got a ton of stuff in the works right now, doing a lot of stuff for Dim Mak which I'm really excited about. Got some really big releases coming out, with some really big rappers that I can't talk too much about right now. I think for me, the problem with the industry is that it's so single-based. Like people have such short attention spans, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but they'll just hop onto the next big thing, and the days where you just sit down, relax, and listen to an entire album are gone, ya know? So I think the thing for me, it's going to be to keep pushing my potential and my style to make it unique, and explore some new areas of music. But I guess overall, what's next for me in the immediate future; I've got a lot of new tracks I'm going to be releasing and will be playing out tonight too. I think the main thing for me, is just to ultimately make sure that people are out there having a good time, whether it be out on the dance floor, in their car, at the gym, or if they're having a tough time or whatever it is."  

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