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BMotion & Chords Bring Back The Discotheque

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

As creators of one of the standout tracks on the new "Decade Of Viper" LP released last month, we thought it would only be right to catch up with drum & bass producers BMotion and Chords to hear a little more about the collaboration. Both UK based, the young BMotion is now signed to Viper Recordings, whilst Chords has found a home at Ram Records. Both showing energetic and dynamic qualities in their tunes, they are ones to watch this year.

* * *

OTB: How did the collaboration between you guys come about?

Chords: "We were friends for a while before through our agent, Shakira. Ben showed me the idea, and the collab came organically from there really."

BMotion: "Yeah we met through Shakira, then I sent Chris a couple of ideas, and he liked "Discotheque"! I went to Chris' place to work together on it, then it was a case of sending stems back and forth. We went through quite a few versions before settling on the final one!"

OTB: Could you sum up the track in three words? 

Chords: "Suitably funky vibes!"

BMotion: "Fast Disco Funk"

OTB: You played b2b at the Decade Of Viper show this month, how was that for you both? 

Chords: "We went in kind of blind to each other's sets, so there was a bit of trepidation for about 3 minutes, then we settled in and it was a lot of fun!"

BMotion:"Yeah, the first few minutes were a bit nervy but we soon settled in. It was the first time I'd done a b2b set ever... so something new! But was really good fun, and I'd like to think we carved a good set out for people to enjoy."

OTB: What are your personal Viper favorites? 

Chords: "It has to be the seminal album "Universal Truth" by Matrix and Futurebound. Constantly underrated and undercredited, and actually the real basis for a lot of the dnb soundscape today. Oh, and "You Can See It" by Dharma Intent. A buried gem, way ahead of its time, that everyone seems to have glossed over!"

BMotion: "A tough one… but "Halo" and "Babylon" by DC Breaks stick out for me, I remember getting them on vinyl when I first got some decks, and used to mix both 4 or 5 times in one session! More recent tunes - "Magnetic Eyes" by Matrix & Futurebound is always running in my head, and of course "Pale Blue Dot" by The Prototypes just wins every time."

OTB: Can we expect any future releases from you as a pair? 

Chords: "I hope so, maybe Ben will feature on my album in the future..."

BMotion: "Yes hopefully! I think we could come up with something good!"