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Behind The Beat: tyDi reDefines Himself [VIDEO]

Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Erik Skoog

When I first started going to shows, I took a bit of a shotgun approach. Go to everything you can and see what sticks. After multiple months of multiples shows almost every weekened, there are lot of artists I saw that I either can't remember or couldn't appreciate at the time. But tyDi stuck with me as one of the first shows I really remember going to. I remember listening to his set, going home and looking him up so I could keep listening. That was almost three years ago now; right as he was about to start work on his latest album reDefined.
Since then, a lot has changed. The scene has evolved and a lot of people have done a bit of growing up around it. Myself, included. Specifically, the music tyDi has created played such an important part in both my personal and musical growth over the last three years.
"DJing, producing, songwriting, and being an artist isn't my's not my side hobby. It is my life. tyDi isn't a false character."
So actually getting to sit down and talk with him was a little surreal.
But it's always so nice when someone that you really admire turns out to be a very genuine, very personable, very dedicated person. The amount of work that he puts in to writing his music and staying in touch with his fanbase and and challenging himself is unreal (seriously, send him a message on Twitter. You can almost guarantee that he'll tweet back at you).
"I'm very driven by how my fans react to my music."
Lounging in the green room at Foundation Nightclub, tyDi talked about everything from his new album to what inspires him to the future with a perpetual smile. Check out the highlights in our exclusive video interview.
"The song tells the story, but the production brings it to life."
Tyson is definitely some different than when he started his musical career, but that doesn't mean he's changed course (trance fans be sure to check out his new EP, The Promise). He's just further down the road. And if this past year is any indication, we can continue to expect only the best.
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