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Trap Tuesday Exclusive Interview: LZRD

Tuesday, February 03, 2015
Madison Riccardi

We are LZRD (Zach Scheibel and Keenan Haan) Zach is 17 and Keenan is 18. We were both born in Virginia. Aside from music Keenan plays Lacrosse and Zach enjoys film and graphic design. We've been producing for a little over a year and love everything about it!


OTB: How did the name LZRD come about? LZRD: So the name LZRD popped up pretty randomly actually. Keenan was looking for a new name for his solo producing project and we were hanging out one day and the name just came to me randomly, Zach was thinking of like animals and it sounded really catchy and cool. It turned out later that we would join each other on this project. OTB: When did you guys start DJing/Producing? LZRD: Both of us started producing around 2013. Keenan started DJing around that same time as well. We started on fruity loops studio, and now have moved over to Logic Pro 9 and have been using that for a long time. OTB: Dream collaboration?  LZRD: Our definite dream project/collab would be with LOUDPVCK. We both have been following them for a long time and have always supported their work, big ups to LOUDPVCK! If we could choose one more it would probably be with an actual artist like Meek Mill or Waka Flocka. OTB: Do you think growing up in the DMV area has helped for your guises sound?  LZRD: Coming from the DMV is really amazing! We both have lived here our whole lives. Does it help define our sound? I really don't think so, we listen to all sorts of music produced from all across the world, and if anything that gives us our inspiration on our music. We listen to a lot of progressive house and a whole lot of trap/hip hop. Combining those two create such a dope sound and we love it. But we can say that we both listen to a lot of DMV a hip hop so some inspiration does come from that! Shouts to Logic and Wale! OTB: What was the process remixing such a huge Kaskade song?  LZRD: Well it's funny because this is actually how we were brought together in to our project. Keenan had started the A Little More remix on his own, and Zach wanted to come in and collab with him. That's how it basically took off. The process though was actually very clean and fun. We started with creating a real nice 808 kick and a heavily layered snare. From their we chopped up the original drop and added a ton of percussion! In total we worked on it for a few days in the span of a week or two! It was such a great experience. OTB: Who are your biggest musical inspirations?  LZRD: Artist-wise our big inspirations are guys like Diplo RL Grime and upcoming artist Party Thieves! Diplo and RL's style is just so unique and we really look up to that. Party Thieves has recently been releasing a ton of dope remixes/originals and those are definitely a huge inspiration to us, can't wait for him to blow up! Genre-wise we really enjoy rap music and housy type music. Future house is such a dope genre and we take a lot of inspiration from that in to our own tracks as well! OTB: Dream festival to play?  LZRD: Our dream festival is most definitely Tomorrowland, and it should honestly be everyone's. It's the biggest in the world and you get to meet people from all over! The vibes their look truly amazing and we would love to get there some day, but for now our mindset is focused on production and having fun, shooting for the stars is great but at our level we really need to be focused! OTB: If you could open for any artist on tour who would you pick and why?  LZRD: If we could open for any tour we could both agree that Carnage's tours are so sick! In our opinion he has the best fan base and that's always so sick to see live! So yeah we would love to tour with Carnage! OTB: Who is your biggest non-musical inspiration? LZRD: For Zach his big inspiration would be his dad. He's always helped and guided him in the right direction professionally and financially, and that's definitely helped in the music industry with communication! For Keenan one of his biggest non musical inspirations would be Roman Atwood. Keenan watches his vlogs every night and has learned how hard work definitely pays off! OTB: Plans for 2015?  LZRD: For 2015 we look to push out a ton of remixes and a few originals in the work! We have a collaboration with up in comers GLD that should be released in the near future! But yeah watch out for some sick new tunes!


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  -- Interview by Madison Riccardi