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Behind The Beat | Fijiwiji Talks New EP And The Process Of Growing Up

Friday, February 13, 2015
Matthew Jager

While most musicians find a genre or style and stick to it religiously, others enjoy pushing their abilities by attempting multiple sounds. Brendan Galdo, aka Mr Fijiwiji, is an artist that falls into the latter. While best known for his future house and chillstep, Fijiwiji has dabbled in everything from deep house to garage and future bass. The remixes and originals he produces have been featured in countless mixes and have made their way to most major festival stages because of the range in style.  His compositions are always exquisitely arranged; featuring some of the most beautiful piano melodies incorporated with a variety of synths and chopped vocals to create a surreal atmosphere in each track. Mr Fijiwiji's sound is instantly recognizable and  is one of the most progressive and original styles in electronic music. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to pick the brain of the legendary Mr Fijiwiji as well as get some insight on his new EP, Growing Up. The 5 track EP features a variety of sounds from the incredible producer and showcases the full spectrum of Mr Fijiwiji's style and ability.  The EP opens with the title track "Growing Up," a high energy future house track mixed in with signature Fijiwiji piano melodies and some drum and bass influence as well. It is a beautiful example of the mixing of energy and melody that Fijiwiji is known for. Moving from more traditional to something a bit deeper, the fourth track "Believe Her" incorporates deep house vibes with a poppy beat and chopped lyrics for a very fun upbeat track. "Beautiful" and "Yours Truly" (the second and fifth track respectively) are both exquisite examples of Mr Fijiwiji showing off his super slow melodic side and his garage style. However, in my opinion, the real star of the album is track 3: "Evolution." It starts with the vocals from "Beautiful" and quickly morphs into a chopped, scratchy hook that draws you into what follows. Chillstep style beats, experimental synths, chopped vocals and masterful track progression all come together in "Evolution," creating an extremely progressive and experimental style. Paying tribute to past future bass and chillstep productions, "Evolution" really shows off the growth and...well...evolution of Mr Fijiwiji as an artist and what we may expect to hear from him on bass tracks in the future. Below is OTB's interview with Mr Fijiwiji and you can find links to the full EP, as well as his social media profiles.

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 Only The Beat's Interview With Mr Fijiwiji

OTB: You obviously have a love for piano. Do most tracks start off with you composing a piano part or some other aspect of the track? Fiji: Yes, I typically start off the composition process with piano. It’s the easiest way to put together a chord progression that you can form all the other elements of the song around.   OTB: Do you listen in your spare time to more melodic electronic tracks or more of the mainstream EDM? What would you say some of your influences are for producing your music? Fiji: I listen to mostly garage, deep house, and some hip hop. Biggest influences at the moment are Direct, Sam Gellaitry, Dusky, Flume and Sorrow. OTB: What is your favorite artist to see live? Any defining moments in your music listening. Fiji: My favorite artist I’ve seen live is Koan Sound. The guys really know what they’re doing when putting together a mix. Meeting them and having them know who I was a pretty crazy feeling as well.   OTB: What styles do you want to attempt to produce in the style of Fijiwiji? Fiji: I love making music, and I’m game to try any style/genre that comes my way. OTB: Your new EP Growing Up features a mix of different styles reflecting vibes of many of your past productions. Is this EP a farewell to some of your older styles or will they continue to appear in your music? Will we be seeing a new face of Fijiwiji in post EP productions? Fiji: Hell no, I will always be making chill, house, and experimental tunes. I don’t know why so many people have the misconception that I’m “switching styles.” My style is making anything I love, and that is implies that I’ll always being trying new things. Making the same thing over and over again would drive me mad.   OTB: What was your inspiration for this album? Is it a reflection of your transition to college or just maturing in general? What can you tell us of the underlying story? Fiji: It’s more about the departure from high school and huge variety of emotions you’re feeling in the process.  There’s a lot going on and a lot to process. The next EP is about my first year in college.   OTB: Which song on the album is your favorite overall and which is the one you are most proud of in a sense of “growing up” and your evolution as an artist? Fiji: Evolution. I took some big risks, well relatively speaking, in that track and I think they paid off.   OTB: What were you trying to accomplish musically with “Growing Up”? Fiji: Establishing an album of songs that I can reference and say “Listen to this and you’ll understand what Mr FijiWiji sounds like”