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Behind The Beat: Autograf

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Chris Bergin

On February 7th, 2015 I attended Autograf and Zimmer's SOLD OUT show at U Street Music Hall in Washington, D.C. It was extraordinary to say the least. After tearing the club down with tropical beats & marimba infused basslines, I sat down with the touring duo to delve a little deeper into the mind / message behind Autograf. Listen to their latest mix for Insomniac Events, and check out the interview below!   OTB: Here at OTB we’ve been following you guys for quite awhile. When initially writing articles about you, I found you guys initially focused on Art. Could you explain a bit of what the Autograf Art project was? Jake: In particular we tended to enjoy installations, a site-specific sort of thing. We enjoy the atmosphere that a certain kind of art generates. So if you can think of a certain kind of sculpture, a certain kind of installation as a generator, we like to be that kind of electricity that floats around the audience. OTB: Are you referring to your Autograf Installation in Chicago? Jake: Chicago would be a good example. For example, our Future Factory Party. We had quite a bit of sculptures and installations there, and wanted to infuse the audience with a sort of visual intensity. That was like a preset for the show, and it really worked to kind of set the whole show up. OTB: Would you say that Andy Warhol was your main inspiration? Jake: Not really…I’m not dissing Andy Warhol, but I’m saying that all of us were inspired by his factory from a sort of a mental disposition. We really loved the fact that he enjoyed collaboration to the point where he invited other artists into his space. We took that in stride. All of us really enjoy and feed off of the creativity of each other, and so we created a party in Chicago where all three of us imparted our own creative energy and our own creative knowledge and we created a separate sort of entity, a nightlife entity if you will. OTB: We wish we’d been there! Sounded like it was an incredible event. Jake: It was a fun night. OTB: You all started the project relatively anonymously, and still remain pretty mysterious. Was there a reason for this? Louis: Yeah, all of us had a different musical project before this, and had different artistic and musical backgrounds. OTB: Do you plan on shedding more light on your project? Where do you see Autograf going? Louis: Life is this long journey, and the reason you start new projects is because you find a new interest, and a lot of the times you do something previously, not necessarily get tired of it, but there’s just so much cool shit out there in the world that you might as well always do something fresh … OTB: Did you all envision the original Autograf project morphing into a music trio? Jake: Yes, just because all of us had a background, somewhat in music, like it was kind of a given that eventually we’d be doing music. OTB: We’ve heard you put on quite a live show, and know the live marimba is an essential part of each set. Do you see yourself including any other instruments in your live sets? Jake: There’s a djembe that we’re making, so that’s like an African drum its in-between the size of a congo and a bongo, it’s a little fatter, and that’s what has appeared in a whole lot of our songs, so we’re gonna introduce that live. OTB: So you built the electric djembe, any other crazy contraptions in the works? Jake: Yeah, I mean we’re like literally almost there, we’ve got like 3 more weeks before we reveal one of these fuckin things, or at least reveal the rough sketch. We’re getting it CNC’d right now. OTB: Have you finished your home studio yet? How was the building process / Do any of you have architectural backgrounds? Jake: It sucked, but, I mean we built it in my backyard, and it took a year…I mean it was a full fucking year. But, I’m serious, I got 3rd degree chemical burns all over my legs pouring the concrete…it was hell, and it took a full year. We just kinda winged it. OTB: I’m going to shoot you some rapid fire questions…just respond with whatever comes into your head. Dream Festival? Louis: Electric forest Jake: something in Ibiza Burrito or Bowl? Louis & Jake: Burrito Logic or Ableton? Jake: Logic Louis: Ableton Deep Dish or NY Slice? Louis: NY, I live in Chicago but I don't like deep dish... Favorite non-musical artist? Louis: Basquiat Jake: Sabin Howard Scotch, Whiskey, or Bourbon? Louis: Scotch Jake: Bourbon OTB: What are the top 5 artists you’re listening to now / to watch for? Jake & Louis:  ODESZAClaptoneZimmerSam Feldt, and Tchami

Autograf's latest Remix of ODESZA's track "All We Need" (feat. Shy Girls)

OTB: Any upcoming collaborations we should know about? Louis: Oh yeah, a lot, like too many. We have about maybe 6 collabs that are sitting around, lets see if I can name them all out...Wuki, Hotel Garuda, The Chainsmokers, Big Wild, LCAW, Jack LNDN…lets just leave it at that.

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