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Lynx Talks His New Label Home, DJing & Remixing

Friday, February 20, 2015

With a new remix for Universal Sweden landing later this week, and having recently been snapped up by the UK label Hospital Records, we thought it was only appropriate to catch up with the busy drum & bass producer/DJ Lynx. Check out the interview below.

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OTB: Melbourne house isn’t a genre I would directly relate to you, what attracted you towards working on Vigiland's "UFO"?   Lynx: "It's true, the style is not my normal sound people know me for. However, there are some similarities that particularly made me keen to take on the remix. The original track doesn't take itself too seriously, it has this tongue in cheek sound - I liked that. I knew I would be able to take that cheeky vibe and elaborate on it." OTB: Do you have a set procedure when working on a remix?   Lynx: "Not really. I usually start by getting the original components to D&B tempo. Sometimes it works best half speed, other times double. This generally dictates the feel of the remix. After that is where the fun begins, and generally anything goes as long as it sounds good." OTB: Have you had the chance to test the tune on the road yet? If so, what has the reception been like? Lynx: "Yes, and it sounds awesome in a club! The combination of the uplifting original synths with the D&B switch smashes it... 1,2,3 drop!" OTB: Aside from this production, do you have any releases ready to go on your new label home, Hospital Records? Lynx: "I have just released a cheeky little number called "Rim Shock" on the recent Hospitality 2015 compilation. And more importantly, I'm just putting the final touches to my debut album on Hospital. It's a very exciting time! I don't have a definite title yet, but it will be out at the end of May." OTB: What has been your favorite club to play at, and is there anywhere you strive to play this year? Lynx: "There's so many cool clubs around the world, usually favorite clubs as a DJ  are associated with fantastic memories. Highlights would be: Propaganda in Moscow, where myself and Stamina MC performed for nearly 4 hours! Anywhere in New Zealand, because it's such a beautiful place with amazing people. Fabric London is an institution for electronic music, and always been very supportive of me. Then there's Ubu Rennes in France, where I had my first international DJ experience, Airwaves Festival Iceland, Urban Breaks Frankfurt - I have played there 7 times now, so it feels like a second home. Kosovo, where the army turned up at the gig and shut the club down temporarily... but we eventually partied on! There's so many more, but I could be here for a while...  I have never been to Sweden. It would be amazing to show off my music and DJ skills there."