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Black Tiger Sex Machine Brings the Heat at Foundation

Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's rare that I run across a new and unique name for an electronic artist that really catches my eye, but definitely seeing the words BLACK TIGER SEX MACHINE glaring at me on my SoundCloud feed got my attention. What KEPT my attention is the fact that for the first time in a long while, a track tagged as "electro-house" really didn't suck; in fact, it was quite good. Marc, Patrick and Julien are the quintessential young French Canadian men; the Montreal natives encapsulate the balance between laidback, friendly and cosmopolitan. They're perfectionists as artists, making sure that each of their tracks truly speak to what they want Black Tiger Sex Machine to convey. With influences from Nine Inch Nails to Justice, you know these three can throw down an incredibly kickass show. Within the past year their rise to fame has skyrocketed, and their label Kannibalen Records boasts some of 2014's greatest breakout artists including Snails and Kai Wachi. The trio sport their custom black metal tiger helmets, eyes lined with white LEDs that's something reminiscent of Daft Punk's famous getups combined with the attitude of fellow mask-wearing artists Cazzette. Their performance at Seattle's Foundation Nightclub was nothing short of stellar, dropping electro hits as well as lesser-known tracks like Lektrique & Seek N Destroy's "Atomic" (released on their label), while even throwing a bit of trap in there. Live elements like keyboard and drum pads provided each of the group members with their own individual portions of the performance. It's rare at a Friday night at Foundation that you can keep the crowd truly entertained without playing mostly top 40 electronic hits, but I heard barely any of these tracks from BTSM, and the crowd was still going nuts the entire time. black tiger sex machine Check out our interview and get to know the guys of Black Tiger Sex Machine! For a list of their remaining tour dates and shows, visit their website for more info.