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Junge Junge Speak On Their Latest Release With Universal Sweden

Saturday, March 07, 2015

This week we caught up with Junge Junge, a DJ and production duo who have just released with Universal Sweden. After creating new single "Beautiful Girl" at a festival, it has spread like wildfire - and we love it. Check out our chat below to hear more about the making of it, and Junge Junge's writing process.

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OTB: How did you guys meet, and how long have you been making music for?             JJ: "Both of us have been producing electronic music as DJs and producers for over 20 years. The first time we met and had a lot of time to get to know each other better was the rave at Snow Festival in Austria. We both played a DJ set on the same floor and spent many nice hours together. From then on, we regularly saw each other at different parties until we decided to go into the studio together and produce some nice tunes." OTB: Is there any story behind the creation of "Beautiful Girl"?             JJ: "The story behind the first single release "Beautiful Girl" is a great tale of events. We recorded the track in a few hours whilst at Helene Beach Music Festival, which is located on the border of Poland and Germany. In a tiny bungalow with only limited recording equipment, a few too many beers, and a constant flow of party peeps, the track was created. We then proceeded to let the track run constantly at full volume from our car throughout the remaining days of the festival. As a result, anyone passing by became instantly intrigued by the track. On the same day we played the track in our set and realized the magic within the track." OTB: What led you to discover vocalist Kyle Pearce? JJ: "The funny thing is that we were already aware of Kyle through a mutual friend. After our first release on the Berlin label Stil vor Talent, which we published under the name Grolle & Noack, we decided to contact Kyle and produce a track with him. We arranged a small BBQ outside, took our travel music setup, which we always have with us when we are on tour, and produced a new track under the blue sky. We like to produce in other places than in the studio." OTB: Working as a duo, do you ever have conflicting ideas? Who takes on each role between you both? JJ: "In the past, we both worked in the studio with different people, and always had the feeling of not being completely satisfied. The opinions were often different and too many cooks spoil the broth as we say. The nice thing about our collaboration is that we get along perfectly. In terms of music, we always have the same opinion and we are speaking the same language. This makes music production easy and beautiful." OTB: How did you find remixing your own track for the remix package? JJ: "Tube & Berger we have known for many years. They have been a part of the Helene Beach Festival as well, where the track was created. We played there on the same floor and sent the finished track to these guys during the festival, and they were immediately interested after hearing it. They then made the remix for us. The other artists are also friends of us and of our management, we choose some of them together and found the right remixers for the track." OTB: What can we expect from you for throughout the rest of 2015? JJ: "Inspiration, motivation, passion and love. The passion for producing music will go on. After "Beautiful Girl", we produced a few more beautiful tracks with the same singer - we hope that we can publish these songs soon. Our passion for underground club sounds is present and we want to expand further, because that is where we come from."