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Henrix Talks on Recent Success, Insane Fans, and Upcoming Collabs

Monday, March 16, 2015
Chris Bergin

Henrix has been on an absolute tear in 2015. His massive track "Warrior" with Mason's Rave was his third release since December. While some producers spend years curating releases, Henrix proves he doesn't need months to create MainStage bombs.

We sat down with the Miami native to discuss his recent success, and his start in this competitive industry.

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OTB: So far, you’ve had a very successful 2015 with releases on 3 different labels. This popularity didn’t emerge overnight. From what I could gather, you’ve been grinding on the scene for the past 4 years. Could you tell us a bit about how Henrix started?

Henrix: Honestly I’ve been grinding for the last 8 years! I’ve been DJing and working on music for a while but yes in the last couple of years is when things started coming full circle. 8 years ago I bought my first cheap DJ equipment and started practicing in my bedroom for over a year before I had my first gig. Few months after I started DJ-ing I realized I needed to produce my own music if I wanted to get anywhere with this, so that’s what I did.

OTB: Was Dance music always your calling? Who was the first DJ you remember seeing live? Henrix: No not necessarily. I grew up on Brazilian music, Classic Rock and my teen years was into hip hop. I really got into Electronic Music hard when I was around 19-20 I believe. My first big DJ ever seeing live was Tiesto in 2006 at the Hard Rock hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. I think after that performance is when everything changed for me. I was mesmerized of how amazing that show was and thought to myself… ”This is what I want to do” OTB: I recall hearing of you around 2 years ago in an episode of Tiësto’s Club Life, was there a specific moment when you knew DJ-ing / production would be your career? Henrix: The moment I started it is when I knew. I was determined to succeed and make it my career so I put everything into it and didn’t look back  
OTB: Hailing from Miami I’m sure you had the opportunity to partake in some incredible nightlife. Is there a particular club you enjoy playing the most? Henrix: Ah yes there’s amazing clubs in Miami. They’re all good in their own way but I think if I had to narrow it down it would probably be Space Miami. The people there go to party and aren’t there for the bottles and glamour. They’re there for the music and to dance their asses off. I think that’s what a DJ looks for in a party. OTB: Could you tell us a bit about your residency at “The Light” in Vegas? Henrix: I started it last year. It was only supposed to be a few shows but turned out being a lot more and we continued the residency into 2015. Its one of my favorite places to DJ because I can play what I want. I love to mix genres with Dance music and some places you can’t really do that because people are very closed minded. Vegas allows me to do that. OTB: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen at a gig? Henrix: Hmm probably Mexico when I was playing Life In Color and it got so crazy that kids started swarming the stage so security had to stop the music and escort me out haha. OTB: Is Miami your favorite city to perform in? Henrix: Its one of my favorite cities yes. It's my hometown so I have a special attachment to it. My friends and family are here so they all come out to support me. OTB: You just released a huge tune, “Warrior” with Mason’s Rave. Could you tell us a bit about the production process for that track? Henrix: The guys had a solid idea that they sent me and I really liked it. So we did our sessions through Skype, sending stems back n forth and in a matter of a few days it was done! OTB: With the Winter Music Conference coming up, do you have plans to head back to Miami? Henrix: Oh yes I’m in Miami every year for Conference. It’s my hometown so I can’t miss out on it haha. I have a few shows planned through the week so will definitely be in attendance. OTB: Lastly, any upcoming collaborations we should look forward to? Henrix: Yes! Have a few coming up. Got some with Adrien Mezsi, one with Digital Lab, one with an up and comer that’s really talented, his name is Bream and a few others right now I have to keep quiet bout ;)

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