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Maarcos Speaks About His New Single On Ultra

Friday, March 20, 2015

Melbourne hailing producer Maarcos is set to drop his new single "Bring You Home" on Ultra Music, and trust us, it's awesome. We grabbed this promising talent for a chat about the release and more.

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OTB: What does “Bring You Home” represent as a track? Maarcos: "It’s what I really look for in music. Something that sounds a little different, but still with my style to it, combined with meaningful vocals with depth, but something that people can relate to with its warmth." OTB: What came first, the vocal or the instrumentation? Did you find it easy to work with SunSun? Maarcos: "It was an early version of the instrumentation that had the same chords and pattern, but sounded vastly different at the same time. I sent it across to Sunsun and she knew exactly what I wanted and nailed the vocal. It was really easy. After we recorded her, I knew I needed to step up the instrumental quality even more as the vocal was so good." OTB: Ultra Music is one of the top dogs in the electronic music scene, how did you go about getting your track on the label? Can we expect future releases from you through Ultra? Maarcos: "Ultra is great, I’ve done a few things with them before with remixes, but this is the first single. I run my label Fuze Records through Sony and we generally put out more clubby records, less vocals. We had a discussion with Ultra about releasing "Bring You Home" as we felt it was a better fit, so that’s where it is! I think if I’ve got the right music for Ultra in the future why not, they’re one of the best." OTB: With Miami just around the corner will you be heading out there? Maarcos: "I’ve decided to skip it this year, I’m currently creating my first album and I’m buried working on it. It’s so much fun, but I’ve also really created a mountain of work for myself especially as I want to deliver it this year." OTB: Do you prefer working in the studio on your productions or playing your tracks out while DJing? Why? Maarcos: "I honestly flip-flop on this. I love creating this music, you can do so many interesting things in the studio, from the weird to the wonderful. But I think I’d have to say DJ’ing, it’s where I started, and it also allows you to see all that hard work in the studio pay off." OTB: Where would you like to see yourself in two years time? Maarcos: "Continuing to enjoy music and playing the best clubs and festivals across the world. Also avoiding winter, I really don’t like winter…"