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We Speak To Daniel Forster On How Afrojack Remixed His Single

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Brazilian talent Daniel Forster was approached by none other than Afrojack to remix his and Karim Mika's alarmingly catchy "Crunk" - and, unsurprisingly, it went down a treat. We got the lowdown on the making of the track and Daniel's plans for the future.

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OTB: Was it your idea to get Afrojack to remix the track? DF: "No, he offered himself to make the edit. It got us all by surprise and was amazing." OTB: Can we expect any more work alongside him in the future? DF: "That’s something you can expect, but until now we don’t have any concrete details." OTB: What was the creative process like working as a duo? Did you ever have contrasting ideas? DF: "To avoid creative conflicts, we follow some references. Each one gets your own and throws them on the track, but whilst always respecting each other's concepts and tastes. I think the majority of creative conflicts happen because of little things, like a turn up or a detail or how "that" element should sound. That’s perfectly normal. But before we started creating the track, we already decided which route to take." OTB: What has been your career highlights so far and what more do you want to conquer? DF: "I’ve started out as a real professional no longer than a year ago. This release is by far the most important so far, but the first time David Guetta played one of my tracks was one of the best moments ever. That moment I saw things could really work for me. My dream is to keep making music and play for big crowds like at Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland. But that’s still a distant dream. In a few years, I would like to be touring around the world and managing my own record label." OTB: Are you happy with the reaction when "Crunk" is played out in the live shows? DF: "Definitely. The best response you can get is seeing people taking your name out there by playing your music. "Crunk" is one of those tracks that cheers up the crowd mostly." OTB: Have you ever played as back to back in a DJ set before? DF: "No. We have never met personally yet. But you can expect us to be playing together in the near future." OTB: What do your 2015 plans include? DF: "Setting up the first tour and getting our feet on the road is our priority. Besides that, there’s a lot of releases to come from both of us."