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Lunde Bros Talk Big & Dirty And Heading To Miami

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lunde Bros are a duo that definitely deserve your attention this year. Having just knocked up an enormous DJ mix for the new Big & Dirty compilation, not to mention releasing "MPC" with Plastik Funk, they are showing no signs of slowing down. We caught up with them for a few words before they headed out to Miami.

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OTB: For anyone who is yet to hear the Lunde Bros sound, how would you best describe it and is it represented within this compilation? LB: "Our sound is all about the sexy feeling you get when you listen to good house music. We want to bring out a fun and happy feeling from you when you hear our tracks and our sound. For us, it's important to show how much fun we have when we produce and play, and we think this is represented in this compilation too." OTB: How did your relationship with Big & Dirty come about? LB: "It was through Marco V when he played a very old track from us called "Bad Language". We decided to go on with that sound and feeling, so "Can You Feel It" was created and sent to him for feedback. He liked it and we signed the track to In Charge - from this we developed a great relationship with the whole Big & Dirty and In Charge family. It feels great." OTB: Working as a duo, did you ever have contrasting thoughts when creating the mix? LB: "We have that almost every time, but in the end we look at each other and say, 'Yes of course, this is the way to do it'." OTB: Your sound is very distinctive. Away from electronic music, what do you find yourselves listening to and do you think it affects your productions and sets? LB: "We listen a lot to Hip-Hop and when we were like 10-years old, we also listened to a lot to rock. We think that both Hip-Hop and Rock do affect us a lot when we produce and create our sets nowadays. We try to fit in drums and samples from both genres, and you can probably hear it or at least feel it." OTB: Are you heading out to Miami this year? If so, where could we find you? LB: "Yes we are! We will play at Shore Club on Wednesday, Thursday at Clevelander Roof Top and Saturday at Wall. Looking forward to seeing you there!" OTB: Do you have any other releases in the pipeline you can talk about? LB: "We are working really hard in the studio right now during this long Swedish winter. One interesting release is here on Big & Dirty in the near future, so keep your eyes open!"

Don't forget to grab the Big & Dirty "Miami 2015" compilation here.