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INTERVIEW: KJ Sawka Does the Impossible with His New Record Label

Monday, May 04, 2015
Matthew Jager

  tumblr_lwjovtf40k1r7osgwo1_500 Music distribution these days can be a fickle thing, with labels and agencies taking large chunks of producers profits from their tracks. A lot of artists are opting to form their own record labels to take back control of their music and allow their creativity to flow naturally and unimpeded by corporate interference. The latest artist to take the reins of their own record label is legendary drummer for both Pendulum and Destroid; KJ Sawka. His label, Impossible Records, launched a few weeks back alongside a new remix of The Crying Spell's "Sailing On." I got the chance to interview KJ to see his thought process with launching a record label and what we can expect from him in the near future with said label. Below you can find the full interview, and I must say, some of his answers have me very excited for the coming months as he hints at a lot of great music, a full KJ Sawka album, and a continued focus on both his solo career and Destroid.

If you think you have what it takes to be apart of Impossible Records, KJ is currently accepting track submissions via

Check out the first release on Impossible Records; The Crying Spell, Sailing On (KJ Sawka Remix)  

KJ Sawka On Impossible Records

OTB: What made you want to be in charge of your own label? What benefits do you see with running your own label instead of releasing on established bass labels such as UKF or Rottun? KJ: I love all my homies labels and they have done such amazing things and have put out so much amazing music. But for me, I love giving my music away for free to hype up each release and it’s always been a struggle to do that on labels. I also haven’t found a label that fits my specific style of Bass music. Now, I’m free. OTB: How many additional artists are you looking to sign to Impossible Records? Will we see any familiar faces releasing tracks through Impossible Records? Any plans in the works? KJ: I don’t have any specific releases ready to go from other artists, just myself at this point.  Tracks are piling in everyday though and there are some gems.  Very soon you’ll see some amazing new artists on Impossible Records. OTB: With so many artists creating their own record label, how do you think Impossible will stand out against the crowd with what it has to offer to musicians looking for a platform? KJ: Impossible Records will stand on its own with a unique sound. I’m looking for artists not much different then me. Artists that produce a wide range of Electronic music styles and have something different and unique to offer and share with the world. Impossible Records is not just a label but a place where young artists can get helpful inspiration and motivation to take their careers to the next level. OTB: Does this mean that Destroid and your solo performances are on hold for a few while or is this running parallel to your other side projects? KJ: This is definitely running parallel to everything. I feel its benefiting all of my endeavors. OTB: Will we be seeing a KJ Sawka album on Impossible Records anytime soon? KJ: I have a KJ Sawka album ready to go but I’m going to be releasing the tunes as singles every three weeks this year along with my remixes. Starting with my remix of The Crying Spell, Sailing On. OTB: In a recent interview with UKF you said that “Impossible Records is my epicenter of creativity.” What do you hope to create with this epicenter of creativity and what can we look forward to in the coming months? KJ: I have so many songs and remixes that no has heard and I’m ready to release them to the world. It's painful for me when a track is finished and it doesn't have a home. Now all my tracks and remixes have a home. I'm over the top excited to share these tunes with people! tumblr_lveif5B7bb1r7osgwo1_400