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INTERVIEW: Spanish House Duo Easy Kid Plan for Ibiza

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Easy Kid is the Spanish duo of Guillermo Marraco and Pablo Sainz de Robles that have been making big house hitters on labels like Southbeat and Spring Tube amongst others. With their latest release about to be dropped on Berlin imprint Depaart, we caught up with the guys to find out more on their local scene of Madrid and plans in Ibiza for the summer. OTB: Hey, great to meet to you guys. Tell the readers a little about yourself for those that might not about your work? Where are you based right now? Easy Kid: Well, basically we are two completely different guys that gathered accidentally when we tried to introduce computers in our rock band set up. I had been by then DJing for a while and Pablo is a poly-instrumentalist who could play up to 20 different instruments before he turned 18. We are based in Madrid. OTB: What are the best and worse things about living in the city right now? Easy Kid: The worst part of living in Madrid right now is that youngsters are broke, which makes the scene a bit harder than it should. The best part is that we are playing at home, we know our people, we know the city, and we know the local scene pretty well. It’s been good enough as we managed to throw some sick parties and so far it’s the city where we’ve had the most gigs. OTB: How influential have your surroundings been on your music taste? Easy Kid: Our surroundings are the key on this thing. It was a natural progression. Pablo started with classical formation when he was 7 and I started right away with electronic guitar when I was 13. Both Pablo’s parents and mine love music, so music has always been around for us. OTB: Where do your influences come from? Was electronic music prominent when you were growing up? Easy Kid: Our influences for what we are doing today are the same ones that affect the way someone thinks. What I mean is that every single band, singer, producer or DJ that we’ve ever seen has made a big or small impact on us. Fortunately, when we started going out to clubs, electronic music was big enough. Madrid has always been a techno place, the first DJ I ever saw in a proper club when I sneaked into these venues just before turning 18 was Richie Hawtin in 2006. OTB: I hear you both have a vast musical knowledge when it comes to instruments, helped also by your rock band history? Can you tell the readers a little more about that? Easy Kid: Well, I can only play guitar and keys enough to compose electronic music, its actually Pablo the kid of the instruments. We gathered a rock band in 2010, which was Pablo playing bass (he had never played bass before but it didn’t take long), his elder brother with main guitar and vocals, my sister playing keys and vocals, our buddy Nacho with drums and me singing and playing guitar. We wrote over 30 songs in two years, rehearsals every single week, we took that very seriously. During this Rock period, I was already spinning Techno in clubs in Madrid, since I started DJing a few years before. In 2011, I took some Ableton live lessons, and Pablo and I sat down to produce some stuff for the band, but we ended up doing something completely different, as you can see now! OTB: Do you want to focus more on DJing currently or producing? Have you a preference for one over the other? Easy Kid: We’ve never focused more on our live sets than on our production. The way I see it, and as long as you can DJ properly or play some instruments live, is this: production is the daily job, the real challenge, the hardest and most satisfying part (when this happens), and DJing is the reward. We’ve played a lot in the last two years, I gathered about a 100 flyers with our name on them since we started, mainly in Madrid. We love it, we do a mix of live & DJ set where I mix tracks with Pablo’s live patterns, always fitting and testing our latest studio bounces. OTB: Where would you say has been your favourite place to play so far, and what makes it stand out from the others? Easy Kid: Our best gigs so far have been our own parties, for sure. After a first year locked up in the studio we decided that we wanted to play around! This is how Blackout was born, we teamed up with Fran Zaragoza and Fede Sainz de Robles and came up with this concept, based on the music. No glittering lights, no big screens, just underground House and Techno, darkness and smoke. We always keep our parties as affordable for our people as we can. OTB: You often play at Blackout Club in Madrid. I’ve heard great things about the club. What is it about the place that makes it so enjoyable to play there for you guys? Easy Kid: Blackout is more a party concept rather than a club. Since we started Blackout it has changed venues but the essence of the party and the people stayed mostly the same. We enjoy playing there because it feels like home, we can play our own music and people come down to dance because they like the music and enjoy themselves as much as we do. OTB: Your release ‘Yo Mamma’ is about to come out on Depaart label. How did you get to working with the guys? Easy Kid: We met both Moliner and Georgeous, the founders of Depaart, about two years ago. We had a lot of collaborations together and then last year we got offered joining them, so we did! This is amazing as we have very similar tastes and goals, and this gives us the opportunity to feel at home and to release the music that we actually love, not just music made to be liked. OTB: Did the track come about easily to you guys and how do you work as a production duo? Do you have certain roles? Easy Kid: Yeah, we’ve been working on this track for a long time actually. We usually go a bit nuts with the mix down, unless we nail it from the beginning we usually give it several months to test around and to make sure we are 100% happy with it! What we usually do is one of us comes up with an idea, then send it to the other one so he either adds or removes stuff, then we argue for a while, and then finally mix down process. Then a bit more of arguing and we are done! hahaha, we are like brothers, love to argue. OTB: Summer plans? Where can we see you guys around Europe in the next few months? Easy Kid: We are moving to Ibiza within two weeks from now, we are having Blackout over there this summer so it’s looking amazing. We’ve also got some dates for Berlin, Madrid and Tarragona so far, but we are now focused on finishing our album, hopefully to see the light at the end of the year, so we are very excited and looking forward for what’s to come. Easy Kid's release 'Yo Mamma' is out now on Depaart