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INTERVIEW: Marco Ricci on Summer Plans, Inspirations

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Marco Ricci is an Italian DJ/producer who has just started to really make a big impact on the electronic scene of late, and has just released his second EP on Berlin imprint Ampispazi Recordings. We sat down with the man and let him tell our readers a little more about his plans for the future...

OTB: Hey, great to meet to you. Tell the readers a little about yourself for those that might not know about your work? Where are you based right now?

Marco: Hi, it’s a pleasure being here with you :) During the day I work in comics. I draw the famous Italian comic “Diabolik”. Thanks to this work I can listen to music all the day long and this inspires me a lot.

I started producing in 2011, but I came from a life of DJing. In the 90’s I was a resident at “Space” in Milano, and I played in almost all the Milan clubs. And I don’t want to mention all the official and unofficial underground after parties :)

Then I decided that Milan was too stressful and I decided to move on the Adriatic Sea in the center of Italy.

OTB: What are the best and worse things about living in the city right now?

Marco: In these last years Italy is living a great moment of crisis. And in the big cities you can feel this problem. And then the traffic and the pollution drives me mad. For this now I live on the seaside. I just have to walk outside and I can relax and feel better.

OTB: How influential have your surroundings been on your music taste?

Marco: Growing up in a big city helped me a lot because I’ve been in touch with people from different cultures and places and of course from different musical backgrounds, growing up my musical culture. So a lot of my inspiration and influences came mostly from the people and then from the places.

OTB: Where do your influences come from? Was electronic music prominent when you were growing up?

Marco: I started with rock and blues music thanks to my dad, but we are talking ages ago. I was six. Growing up and meeting new people I’ve been able to get in touch with a lot of music styles. Hip hop, Reggae, Dub. Then with Trip Hop I arrived at my love for electronic music.

OTB: Do you want to focus more on DJing currently or producing? Have you a preference for one over the other?

Marco: In this moment I'm focused on the producing side. I'm trying to find “my sound” and I think that with “Opera Ep” I’ve found a good start for what I want to follow.

I would like to play more around but my “official” work keeps me very busy and would be very difficult moving from city to city.

OTB: Where would you say has been your favourite place to play so far, and what makes it stand out from the others?

Marco: The “Space” in Milan was wonderful. I was playing with a lot of great DJs. I was playing really slow techno or I was playing 45” hardcore vinyl at 35” creating a slow but extra strong kick. The club was always full with 2000/3000 people and seeing them jumping in the air was amazing. I think that the friends and the atmosphere of that place was unique.

OTB: You have a new release about to come out on Ampispazi Recordings, how did it come about you working with the label?

Marco: To be honest this is the second EP that I produce on Ampispazi Recordings. Mik Santoro found me simply listening to my music on Soundcloud. He wrote to me and I sent him Sound Waves EP and then started our collaboration. I thought that Ampispazi was the perfect home for Opera Ep. I sent it to Mik and he loved the sound. Mik works really hard on his label, keeping everything up and updated and doing a really good job. I also love a lot of other artists on the label. For this reason I love to collaborate with Ampispazi recordings.

OTB: What was your thinking around the tracks?

Marco: Those tracks represent the music that I want to do right now, big breaks and emotions, big spaces in where you can mentally escape and lose yourself.

OTB: What are you plans for the summer?

Marco: This summer I want to produce a lot of new tracks, but only when inspiration comes at the right time, without forcing anything…and for sure I will dedicate myself to the sea that I have in front of me.

Marco Ricci's 'Opera' is out now on Ampispazi Recordings