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INTERVIEW: Tech House's Atapy on Remixes, New EPs and More

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Atapy is a a prominent producer with credits on labels like Bedrock and Get Physical. He has remixed The XX, worked with Noir and Cari Golden and, from his base in Bucharest, tours the world taking his hot house sounds to dancers everywhere. With a release just fresh out on French imprint Thrill Of It, we sat the man down and found out what makes him tick....

OTB: I want to start straight away with asking about your new release out on Thrill Of It. Tell us a little about your thinking behind the track and how it got put together?

Atapy: Well, all four tracks has been produced like maybe a year ago and all have been made through lots of different unfinished projects before getting a final idea what I liked. Every track was kind of a different inspiration, like for example, how was the sound of the moment back then. So somehow it got me inspired by all those different sounds of some of my favourite artists at the time.

The first track “Black Bird” from the EP which is actually the last production of the pack, was a really old project that I started and somehow while cleaning up a bit through some of my projects, I found it and I had the main sound which instantly gave me ideas how to start over and make a track out of it.

OTB: How did your relationship start out with Thrill Of It? They have a number of fresh new talent on their roster at the moment and it must feel like a good moment to be on board with these guys.

Atapy: I met Antoine (label boss) at the Mobilee Rooftop party at Hotel Diagonal during Sonar 2 years ago through my buddies, Jules & Moss the French duo. After that the guys proposed some of my tracks to Antoine for a listen. He liked a lot “Triangle” and asked if I want to release an EP so I did. The guys are super cool and it is great to be part of the label.

OTB: Which DJ’S are currently standing out and making you take notice currently at the moment?

Atapy: All those guys like Rodhad, Scuba, Danny Daze, Robag Wruhme, The Dfiter, Agoria and other faves, for sure they all inspire me. However not by the meaning of copy/paste that is going on, but by the meaning of the different sound and quality they do,that helps getting inspired.

OTB: What is your current production and live set-up?

Atapy: Production wise, I own just a few bits, not a big thing, that I actually use at home when I’m too lazy to go to the studio.. =) Then I start ideas and get back with them to my friend’s studio and doing the finishing parts.

At the moment I perform on usual basis, usb, players..etc. but I’m actually working on a LIVE set and the whole thing must be something different but also something that people can notice. It is a LIVE program and concept with visuals and all that stuff that I would definitely work hard on, but it will take some time and for sure I will come back with news regarding that. Till then will continue doing my best. )

OTB: You’re a man based in Romania, what changes have you noticed on the dance scene over the last 5-10 years?

Atapy: Well 10 years maybe too far for me but 5 or 6 years, yeah I defo have seen some of that. Some people would say, a few years ago was better and some would say now is. It depends on each point of view noticing here the public, the promoter or the dj.

Me myself, I think changes happened smoothly and it’s getting way better, like there are more and more underground parties starting in cities where you never thought. There are lots of big festivals, for example at Sunwaves. It’s bigger year after year and people are coming, so yea, I think even if there are wrong parts, we are going in a nice direction.

OTB: If you could go b2b with any DJ, past or present, who would it be?

Atapy: Frankie Wilde is an option ? haha.. - hmm maybe Dubfire :)

OTB: What things inspire you away from the music industry?

Atapy: Beside music, what I love is design or anything that has to do with art or visuals,

I like to cook and I like nature, so all these kind of things inspire me for sure.

OTB: Upcoming plans for your Cimelde label in the next year?

Atapy: We are still running it but will try not to do so many releases, maybe focusing on a few and putting more energy on each.

Atapy's 'Black Bird' is out now on Thrill Of It: Buy it here