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INTERVIEW: Emerging Producer Ghostlike is One to Watch

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dance music has always had an issue with identity. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s a bad thing, but when it’s the music that shouts loudest then you know it’s a case of the former. Which neatly brings us on to Ghostlike, an emerging producer but a man who’s opting to let the tunes point him in the right direction. Indeed, one quick listen of the man’s music (his debut release arrived recently on Amsterdam label, Subjekt) confirms him as one to watch. We nabbed him for a quick natter recently – and here’s what went down…   OTB: So where are you at now with your music? Isn’t this your first EP? Ghostlike: At the moment I am working on my second EP titled ‘The Shadow Gallery’ which is in its final stages, and I also have an album in the works, which should be coming to light towards the end of the year. OTB: Were you at all nervous about putting this one out? I guess your first proper release is a big step for you? Ghostlike: I am my own worst critic, so I would have to say yes, a little nervous. But then again I think any artist would be. OTB: Has releasing on a label like Subjekt given you a lot of confidence then? Ghostlike: Definitely! It gives an artist a great deal of confidence to know that you have a supportive label which shares the vision behind your records and is willing to put its reputation on the line by having confidence in releasing your work. OTB: And do these sort of things – and your mood specifically – change how you make music? Ghostlike: In terms of mood, I would say that it's more of what I am feeling at that moment, or possibly a recently triggered emotion which can have influence on what will be the end result. Although in my opinion confidence can also play a crucial role. OTB: What’s influencing you a lot these days musically? Who or what did you look up to for inspiration on this one? Ghostlike: I work closely with a really talented producer from Melbourne, FABLES! Who happens to be one of my best mates. So we are always bouncing ideas of each other, sending each other records for criticism. OTB: How do you stay challenged with the music you make? At what stage are you hoping to get to with it all? Ghostlike: The most challenging aspect for me when making my music I guess would be constantly developing & pioneering new and interesting techniques while at the same time keeping the essence of modern & current sound. OTB: Do you purposefully try and challenge yourself with your sound? Or are you at a stage where you’re very confident with your skills? Ghostlike: At this stage I am quite confident with my skills, however I definitely like to constantly challenge myself, as I tend not to stick to the same routine when putting down my ideas. OTB: What’s the next direction for you as a producer? Would you ever consider deviating away from house and techno? Ghostlike: I like to be quite diverse in my production so I tend to dabble in experimental, ambient and even cinematic writing from time to time depending on the mood I am in that moment in time. OTB: So what do you listen to in your free time? Do you feel it’s important to stay eclectic and listen to other types of music away from 4/4? Ghostlike: I tend to listen to quite to a few classical pieces, as well as down tempo Ambient and Electronica records from the likes of Burial, Aphex Twin etc. However just recently I have stumbled upon a brilliant album by Ludovico Einaudi, which I have had it on repeat for the past couple of weeks. In terms of modern producers I am a really big fan of Kiasmos and Moderat their records draw emotion and reflect a unique style every artist should strive towards. OTB: Do you feel then house and techno scenes are in a good place right now? Ghostlike: I come across and get sent some amazing records, so I would say yes definitely in a good place. OTB: What would you change about them if you could? Ghostlike: In terms of change I guess I would try and make people a little bit more open minded towards different genres of music as I think it is quite important to step outside the boundaries of you regular tastes and trying something forward thinking and fresh. OTB: I also wanted to ask about your relationship with the label. How long do you know each other? How’s the working relationship between you? Ghostlike: Subjekt from the get go have been really supportive and as I have mentioned earlier really allowed me to share my vision with the EP to a wider audience. I couldn’t ask for anything more. They have been amazing. OTB: Do you find there are too many DJs and producers involved in the scene for the wrong reasons these days? Ghostlike: I tend not to focus on what other people are doing, and what their reasons are for being in the scene, simply because I just don’t have time for it. OTB: Will you ever set up your own label? Or what’s the next stage for you? Ghostlike: Sure one day perhaps when the time is right it would be great to run my own imprint. There is certainly talk of it with a few of my close counterparts. My next stage from here on would be finishing my next EP then the album and making sure it is not to weird. OTB: What are the 5 tracks that you’re playing non-stop right now?
  1. Solee-Still Here (FABLES! Remix)
  2. Kiasmos-Looped (Original Mix)
  3. Kurt Baggaley- Former Self (The Drifter Remix)
  4. Vermont-Abersprung (Marcus Worgull Edit)
  5. Jon Hopkins-Abandon Window- (Moderat Remix)
  Ghostlike's 'Cold Valley' is out now on Subjekt Recordings