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Dennis Sheperd Wants You To Fight Your Fears

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

With the constant inflow of music nowadays it's not often that I have the time (or will) to put an album on repeat. However, back in April I was doing just that after I received Dennis Sheperd's newest album "Fight Your Fears." The culmination of three years hard work and an aggressive kickstarter campaign, Dennis Sheperd's vision came to fruition last month to melodic progressive, trance and electro lovers delight. Chocked with 17 tracks featuring the likes of Christina Novelli, JES, Ana Criado, Molly Bancroft, Katty Heath and many more, "Fight Your Fears" marks the next step in Sheperd's ever-thriving career. Check out our exclusive interview with Dennis Sheperd below and make sure to pick up "Fight Your Fears" now on Beatport, iTunesAmazon or through Dennis Sheperd's website!

Dennis Sheperd Interview 2015

OTB: Hi Dennis, thanks for chatting with us today. Congrats on "Fight For Your Fears!" It's one of our favorite albums of the moment. What was your inspiration behind it? Dennis Sheperd: Thank you so much! The idea behind and the meaning of the album is actually: You shall - whenever you can- try to widen your horizons and try new & different things! Step out of your comfort zone because that's when magic happens and you might experience the best things! OTB: What would you say are your 3 favorite tracks of the album and why? Dennis Sheperd: 

Where I Begin (with Katty Heath)

That track is just pure magic. Katty did an outstanding job and I feel the playback track has this certain athmosphere in it that you can't recreate. It's just there!

Edge of the World

One of my own favorite productions ever! It's one of my older and already released tracks from the album. The vocals are so catchy and the production is just exactly what I love! Electro-ish basslines and big lead-sounds!

Starlight (with Christina Novelli)

For me it's the perfect follow-up to "Edge of the World." It has a similar sound but sounds different enough too! I just love the production and it really reflects my production style! I have to add though, that it's been a very tough call. I could have also mentioned Dare To Dream (with Katty Heath), Runaway (with JES), We Are (with Sylvia Tosun), Two Worlds (with Talla 2XLC) or Neocortex (with Artisan)...

Dare To Dream (with Katty Heath)

OTB: You released your first album "A Tribute To Life" 4 years ago. How would you say your sound has progressed since then? Dennis Sheperd: To describe it short but precise: My sound has become more adult! It's to-the-point & more club orientated. OTB: You've worked with some amazing vocalists like Christina Novelli, JES, Ana Criado, Molly Bancroft & more. Who else would you love to collaborate with? Dennis Sheperd: There are too many vocalists I would love to work with! For example: Richard Bedford, Emma Hewitt, Ryan Tedder, Nadia Ali, Johnny McDaid and more! Maybe for a new Dennis Sheperd album?

Runaway (with JES)

OTB: I'm sure you hear lots of new music running your label A Tribute To Life. Who are some up-and-coming artists that you're excited about? Dennis Sheperd: I have signed two amazing acts from Chile, Abaze & Liftwalkers! They have released a collaboration called "Los Andes" on A Tribute To Life and now I have signed two seperate single release by each of them! I am also just signing a new track by Tepes, who is an up-and-coming producer from Costa Rica! Eonic, who have also released their first EP last year on A Tribute to Life, are ready to sign a new EP on my label! It's going to be an exciting year for A Tribute To Life! OTB: What can fans expect that are tuning in to you 'A Tribute To Life' podcast for the first time? Dennis Sheperd: They are taken on a journey! My shows start slowly and progressive with a summerish vibe and progress and transite into a more energetic and euphoric style! The most important thing for me though is to take the listener onto a journey and according to the feedback I got, I'm succeeding with that! OTB: You've DJ'd in over 20 countries. Which country would you say is your favorite and why? Dennis Sheperd: It has to be Bulgaria! There is a connection between me and the people there! I feel so welcome when I'm in Sofia and people are so humble and I guess they think the same about me! It has all started with my ASOT 600 gig in Sofia in 2013 and since then I have toured 4 times there (twice in 2013, once in 2014, once in 2015). Some of my best showsi n my career I had in Bulgaria. Worth to mention is the open to close set that I played in 2014 in Sofia: The crwod was going nuts from 11 PM to 6 AM the next morning, such an indescribable athmosphere! OTB: What are your plans for 2015? Any new releases, tour dates, etc.? Dennis Sheperd: Yes, I'm going to decide about the next single releases of my album soon. Other than that we are working on a North America tour right now, to be announced soon! Other possible gigs are: Tel-Aviv, Poland, Slovakia, Australia etc.! FIGHT YOUR FEARS TRACKLIST: 01. Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath – Where I Begin 02. Dennis Sheperd vs. The Masques – Heart of Courage 03. Dennis Sheperd feat. Christina Novelli – Starlight 04. Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath – Dare To Dream 05. Dennis Sheperd, David MeShow & Francis Gaulin feat. Julia Westlin – Les Ailes 06. Dennis Seperd & Artisan – Neocortex 07. Dennis Sheperd – Edge Of The World 08. Dennis Sheperd & Sylvia Tosun – We Are 09. Dennis Sheperd feat. Mark Frisch – Come Alive 10. Dennis Sheperd & Talla 2XLC – Two Worlds 11. JES, Cold Blue & Dennis Sheperd – Runaway 12. Dennis Sheperd & DITO – Sky (Fight Your Fears) 13. Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue & Ana Criado – Every Word 14. Dennis Sheperd – Summer 15. Dennis Sheperd feat. Chloe Langley – Bring You Home 16. Dennis Sheperd feat. Molly Bancroft – Wanting 17. Dennis Sheperd feat. Elliot Johns – So Many Hearts CONNECT WITH DENNIS SHEPERD: Website/Album Page: Facebook: Twitter: @dennissheperd YouTube: Soundcloud: